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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:34:56

Sanyo Co., Ltd.

Our motto is the optimization of products and services that are in demand. Always keeping our origin in mind, we aim at offering speedy responses to each order with courtesy and understanding the customers’ perspectives.

To provide optimized results as required, it is important to understand what is “optimal” for each customer. As correct communication is necessary and the optimization of assessment and verification is required, we consider it essential to improve communication to appropriately understand requests and not to waste customers’ time and costs, in addition to providing them with appropriate products.

  Today, “labor shortage” is highlighted as a social issue, and our business is also affected by this problem. For example, when the shipment of an ordered product has to be outsourced and the product has to be sent to a distant location, there are increasingly more cases where customers’ requirements do not fall in the scope of our services. Even if the product itself can satisfy the requirement, the average evaluation would be lower if other requirements are not met. If better services were to be pursued, we believe it is necessary to make our own efforts to develop measures for improvement rather than dismissing it as a social problem beyond our control.

  What does it take to differentiate ourselves in the eyes of customers? We value opinions and requests from our customers the most; therefore, please do not hesitate to let us know if you recognize anything that we should be aware of. Also, as we look for trade partners that may provide us useful information about sales channels, please let us know if there are effective products, technologies, and services. 

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Sales Pitch

[Business description and features]
We started our business as a wholesaler of housing facilities and equipment. However, we changed our business model and currently engage in the following businesses:
(1) Providing our clients, who are major manufactures, with parts and OEM products.
(2) Sales of energy-saving/energy-creating equipment and general reforming works. Sales of exterior construction materials (wholesaling and retail sales).
(3) We engage in online sales (B to B and B to C) mainly of housing related products to users nationwide.
[Overview of our main products, technologies, goods and services, and examples of their uses]
(1) For parts and OEM products, we provide proposals and quotations only after confirming our clients’ requests in terms of product quality, functionality, and price and after holding meetings with manufacturers for outsourcing. 
(2) We perform reform and overall outdoor facility construction works, and we are particularly adept at creating living environments aimed at saving/creating energy.
(3) For online sales, we make efforts to accommodate requests from any customers (companies, individuals, or local municipalities) by following the motto of “being kind and meticulous.” Our current main products are living environment products, such as trash cans, weed control sheets, and garden exterior products.
[Track record in transactions and development with major companies]
For as long as 40 years, we have been providing major construction material manufacturers with building materials for houses, buildings, and exteriors. In recent years, we have provided safety products to limit the opening of windows or to prevent fingers being trapped, to name a few examples.

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