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Coating that brings out the maximum beauty of wood

We are a company specializing in coating and manufacturing of store furniture and fixtures, decorative metal ware and custom furniture, design coating, metal coating and wood coating. Beginning with special orders, such as brass-like clear color coating and antique coating, we work with repainting for individual customers and coating of store furniture and fixtures for large department stores, hotels, brand shops.

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Business content/features
We are a company specialized in coating. We provide foreign-capital brands and department stores with coating for store furniture and fixtures, and our particular strength is in special woodwork coating and metal baking finish with high designability (antique coating, color clear, mirror surface, and metallic).
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Overview of major products, technologies, products, services, and case studies
• Coating that brings out the maximum beauty of the base material.
We have advanced technological skills for providing “custom-made coating” that can express the value our product concept.
Metal products: Brass-like, antique coating-like, black scale-like, special coating
Woodwork: Mirror surface/special coating
• Repainting and reform of furniture 
Repairing memorable furniture that have been passed down through your family over generations. We perform coating by understanding your feelings to revive, rejuvenate and pass on the furniture.
Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels and intention toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
Coating was previously expressed in a 2D space; however, we consider realizing 3D expressions using other companies’ processing technologies.
We seek to find business partners with whom we can mutually increase added value by applying coating not only to metals but also other materials.