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Carefully selected ingredients

We are unwavering when it comes to our insistence on the quality of and in selecting ingredients. It also applies to carrying out unique production processes and in executing quality control. By implementing these, we aim to produce flavorful confectionery which customers can safely eat. We carefully inspect and pack each baked confection.

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Our commitment to quality
Our commitment to ingredients
Using carefully selected high-quality ingredients such as wheat, eggs, and peanuts  
In order to pursue unique flavors, our confectionery making starts with ingredient selection. The wheat used for "Satsukigase" is a unique blend of four types of wheat. We adjust the combination according to the quality of the wheat for the year to strike a balance among the four types. We break and use eggs harvested in Fukui Prefecture in which we are located. The high quality eggs directly sent from nearby areas are spongy, resulting in a crispy texture of the dough for "Satsukigase". 
The peanuts that determine the taste of "Satsukigase" are carefully selected delicious, small, and first-grade products. We have done business with suppliers in the countries of origin such as South Africa. To prepare for years in which the amount of production of peanuts is small due to factors such as drought, we have established a system in which we can maintain the quality of the peanuts and procure the required quantity. 
We also carefully select high-quality sugar, margarine, and butter. We carefully control temperature and hygiene for each of the above raw materials and use them at their best to bring out delicious flavors.
Our commitment to unique manufacturing methods and technologies
Maintaining and passing down unique know-how on processes from dough preparation to baking
Insisting on producing products that other companies cannot produce. This is the origin of Satsukigase's confectionery making. 
The production processes of "Satsukigase" are simple: Preparing dough composed of wheat, sugar, margarine, and eggs; adding peanuts to it; and then carefully baking each piece of dough in a brick oven. Our original know-how is reflected in details such as the composition of the ingredients, the hardness of the dough, and the baking temperature. By thoroughly maintaining the basic production processes, we produce flavors that other companies cannot produce. 
Regarding our confectionary making, we have introduced self-developed equipment to increase production speed and accuracy. On the other hand, we also put emphasis on delicate human senses for conditions, such as the hardness and baking of dough, which require adjustment according to temperature or humidity. The know-how that cannot be quantified is passed on from experienced craftsmen to younger ones. Thus, our traditional techniques are inherited.
Our commitment to safety and security
Each of our employees pays attention to their tasks ranging from those at the production site to information transmission. 
Safety and security cannot be established in one day. Continuously working on them is important, and the accumulated activities lead to customer trust in our products. Each of our employees constantly pays attention to safety as well as security and pursues safe quality in all processes including daily cleanliness, periodic cleaning, temperature control of ingredients, and production management. We, a company providing food, are making efforts to deliver highly reliable products. 
Furthermore, regarding the transmission of safety- and security-related information such as the labelling of allergy substances, we have been making improvements in response to changing needs.

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