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Latest update: 18/11/2019 15:59:53

Koshin Foods KK

We are engaged in the evolution of ZEN food culture and introduction of it to the world.

In Eiheijicho, the home of zen and Buddhist vegetarian meals, our company manufactures and sells "Eiheiji Temple Sesame Tofu" and other genuine tofu dishes with natural taste and high quality meeting modern needs. Due to our motto of "quality rather than quantity," our products have sufficient quality for serving at  Japanese restaurants of a high-grade luxury inn class. Through technical development, we have changed soy milk into a product with high added value avalable for a variety of uses. We also manufacture cream that is sufficiently tasty despite the fact that the ingredients have been changed from animal- to plant-based ones.

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100% plant-derived custard creams
Custard creams for people allergic to milk and egg (OK for vegans)
If ordinary soy milk is made 2.5 times thick, it becomes creamy with rich taste and sweetness. We add sugar to it to produce soy milk cream like custard cream. The cream is also applicable to cream bread, rice cake stuffed with sweets, and Swiss roll.

The cream is mainly made from soy milk and has adequate solidness.

The cream can be stored for one year by freezing.

 1) As ingredients of foods and snacks for allergic people
    Cream bread, daifuku mochi (rice cake staffed with sweets), Swiss roll, etc.
 2) As ingredients of sweets for vegans and vegetarians
 3) As ingredients of healthy sweets



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