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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:37

US Mec Co., Ltd.

We design and manufacture cleaning equipment using craftsmanship spirit and technology.

USMEC has been making efforts with craftsmanship spirit and technology for more than 60 years since its establishment. We design and manufacture cleaning equipment based on orders of various plants in Japan and overseas. We are based in the capital city of Shizuoka, a leading manufacturing prefecture in Japan. In addition, we have achieved many results with an in-house integrated system that is rare in this industry, which handles on-site installation work, maintenance, and renovation. In the future of manufacturing, pre-cleaning before assembly will be the key to quality improvement.

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Product guidance (use by industry) and cleaning test
Product guidance (use by industry)
■ Product
- Ultrasonic cleaner
- Water washing
- Organic solvent cleaning
- Hydrocarbon cleaning
- Dryer
- IPA vapor dryer
- Chemical processing line
- Ultrasonic transmitter
- Ultrasonic vibrator
■ Use by industry
(This is an example of usage for each industry. We also support works not listed here, so please consult us.) 
- Auto parts: Cams, engine blocks, glass products etc.
- Solar cells: Silicon wafer, thin-film type, film-forming equipment, etc.
- Liquid crystal panel: Single wafer type, dip type, electric furnace, glass, etc.
(The thickness of the glass can be thick or very thick.)
- Electronic components: HDD, print base, etc.
- Optical glass: Lens, standard scale, encoder slit plate, prism, photomask, optical reticle and so on
- Metal parts: Valves, cylinder parts, pneumatic parts, heat sinks, hoop materials, etc.
Inquiry > Cleaning test > Production > Trial run 
1. Inquiry, consultation
Please feel free to contact us by phone or WEB
Meeting for "What you want to wash": First, we hold the meeting for asking "what you want to wash and how you want to wash it." If we can see the workpiece at the meeting, we can give appropriate advice. Even if you have no cleaning experience, experienced staff will give you appropriate advice on cleaning the workpiece. 
2. Simple cleaning test
If your workpiece is small, we can demonstrate the washing experiment in front of you with a tabletop washing experiment machine. You can feel the effect of ultrasonic waves. The tabletop washing machine can perform washing tests with a power of 15 kHz to 250 kHz and 100 W. Upon request, we can travel to your site for showing various experiments. 
3. Submission of specifications and quotation
We prepare and propose specifications and quotations at the meeting. After that, we hold meetings to realize your requested specifications. 
4. Cleaning test
A cleaning test is performed in our laboratory with the same liquid process as the actual equipment. You can try the cleaning solution and cleaning process that you are interested in, and you will be satisfied with the cleaning quality after introducing the equipment. 
5. Production
Orders will be accepted once the specifications are finalized and the quote is approved We proceed with the design, parts arrangement, and assembly. 
6. Attendance
When the assembly is completed, we hold the attendance inspection. We operate the washer and check its functions and appearance. 
7. Loading, installation, set-up and test run
We carry in and install according to the delivery schedule. When the setup is completed, we explain the handling. We check the quality by conducting the actual washing and conduct the acceptance test. 
8. Operation

* After-sales service
US MEC has a thorough maintenance and after-sales service. If you have any questions about how to operate the machine or have any problems, please contact us and we contact you immediately.