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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:09

AP machines Co.,Ltd.

We are a machine manufacturer that produces various types of specialized equipment such as measurement devices, testers, processing machines, and automated/labor-saving machines.  We also design and produce measurement jigs that do not require any interaction.  In addition to planning and concept work, we offer an integrated approach that includes development, production, adjustment, sales, and maintenance. 

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Production examples
Measuring and testing equipment
Seat-shape measuring device
 This device measures the shape of a seat using laser sensors and processes the obtained data. 
Measuring device for the torsion characteristics of clutches
 This device automatically measures the torque, torsion angle, thickness and surface deflection of a clutch, 
 and processes the obtained data. 
Motoring bench
 This is for testing the characteristics and noise levels of gears.
Automatic measuring device for the torsion characteristics of clutches
 This device automatically measures the torsion angle of a clutch and processes the obtained data. 
Crankshaft measuring device 
 Using the principles of 3D measuring devices, this device measures every part of an object, including its diameter and face-to-face dimensions and 
 feeds the measurements back to a lathe that processes the obtained data. 
Measuring device for static balance in clutches
 This device measures the static balance of a clutch plate and corrects it if it is unbalanced. 
Laser 3D measuring device
 This device measures the shape of cylindrical parts using a laser sensor. 
Clearance measuring device
 This device is used to select the shim (spacer) to be used inside a transmission. 
Blade-position selector
 This device determines the cutting measurements of a material and measures the required size of vernier calipers. 
General-purpose outer diameter measurement device
 It can measure between φ1 and φ100 in easy steps.  Its repetition accuracy is 2 μm. 
Processing equipment
Drilling and tapping device
 It can perform countersinking, drilling, and tapping on the edge of a shaft. 
Drum cutter
 With its multiple teeth, simultaneous cutting of several pieces is possible. 
Small polisher
 Equipped with a 40,000-rpm spindle. It can also perform simple machining. 
Assembly devices
Automatic screw feeding and tightening device
 This tightens screws at five spots on a piano sound board simultaneously.
Automotive parts tape application device
 The articulated robot applies and then cuts tape for tail lamps and A/C wind outlets
Automobile damper assembler
 This sets rubber dampers and press fits a fixture automatically.
A/C parts assembler
 This controls the torque of rotating parts and tightens them with a screw. 
Automobile parts assembly inspection device
 This press fits small parts and then inspects the fitting depth and indentation. 
Transport equipment
Automatic workpiece feeders/dischargers for NC lathes
 It feeds/discharges gear material to/from NC lathes.  
Test-tube transporters
 Transports racks with test tubes containing blood samples and automatically feeds them into a tester. 
Pipe feeders/dischargers for molding press machines
 The products discharged from a press are supplied to a molding press and discharged. 
Automotive parts feeders/dischargers
 It automatically feeds materials to general-purpose press machines. 
Other equipment
Automatic tricolor screen printer
 It applies UV silkscreening to large electronic musical instruments.  Equipped with a dryer. 
Automatic confectionery wrapper
 It wraps a specified number of pieces of confectionery at a high speed and places them in packages of different sizes without requiring changes in setup. 
Battery wrapper
 It is a fully automatic, high speed battery wrapper. 

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