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We have produced drying equipment for more than 50 years in various fields, such as food, feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial products.

 KUMEATA, which started out as a tea dryer manufacturer, has grown over the more than 50 years since its establishment as a manufacturer of dryers for a wide variety of materials, including food, materials, marine products, and chemicals. 
 KUMETA has improved the drying technology while earnestly responding to the demands related to dried foods and issues regarding dried foods. 
 Today, we have delivered our dryers to more than 500 food manufacturers and more than 100 chemical manufacturers. We are expanding our sales channels overseas.

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Manufacturing and sales of drying and sterilizing equipment for a wide variety of materials such as food, feed, chemicals, and industrial products
We offer original products according to customer requests.
KUMETA offers various types of dryers and sterilizers. Required finishing varies depending on customers. 
 To reflect customers’ requests, it is important to have academic knowledge, experience, and technical know-how. It is also important to make products and test them repeatedly. 
 KUMETA has installed the latest experimental equipment, and repeatedly obtained data from various viewpoints such as quality, cost, equipment, and pre-processing and post-processing. We propose the best dryer and drying method for your company among many options.
Low temperature plasma sterilizer SAKKINGU PSB2
In collaboration with Shizuoka University, we are jointly developing the “Low-temperature plasma sterilizer SAKING PSB2” that utilizes the sterilizing power of plasma. 
The new technology "Rain Plasma" generator enables uniform sterilization of products by applying plasma discharge to a special belt. For Rain Plasma", we are applying for patent and trademark registration. 

■ 4 advantages of SAKKINGU 
1. Pasteurization of products susceptible to heat by pasteurization
2. High-speed sterilization realizes excellent sterilization power without lowering quality
3. Power saving achieved through power supply efficiency design
4. Easy cleaning because the electrode can be easily attached and detached with a unit type
Fluidized bed dryer CFD/ BFD
■ Horizontal fluidized bed dryer CFD
○ Drying in a short time
Due to the extremely large surface area of ​​the material that comes in contact with the hot air, the dryer has a high heat capacity coefficient of 2,000 to 6,000 kcal/h/C/m2 and the dryer can dry materials in a short time. 
○ Drying → cooling completed with one unit
Since the cooling fan is set just before the outlet, the dried material is cooled and comes out. 
○ No drying unevenness
Since the heat is transferred quickly, the temperature in the material layer is kept uniform when the fluidized bed is formed. Therefore, there is no deterioration in quality or variation in drying. 
○ The setting of drying time can be freely adjusted by adjusting the gate
The dried material overflows the exit gate of the product and is discharged. For this reason, by moving the gate up and down, the amount discharged is adjusted, and the residence time (drying time) of the material in the dryer can be set freely. 
○ Continuous automatic drying
Since the material is continuously supplied and discharged, the drying process can be fully automated. 
○ We can dry materials containing a lot of water
We use a unique transfer device so we can dry materials even materials that contain a lot of water and are difficult to flow sufficiently. 

■ Vertical batch type fluidized bed dryer BFD
○ Equipped with full of unique ideas
KUMETA’s self-confident work containing nice ideas, such as the ability to move the stirring blade up and down with one push of a button. 
○ No uneven drying 
Hot air is blown from the tangential direction to create a swirl, and the hot air and the material are mixed vigorously to create a fluidized bed, so there is no drying unevenness. 
○ The drying time can be set freely with the timer. Fully automated drying process
The drying time can be set strictly with the setting of the timer so that good quality products can be produced constantly. 
○ Drying and cooling with one unit
Switching from hot air to cooling air does not require a cooler. 
○ Easy temperature control 
The temperature can be set freely by operating the heater, and drying can be performed according to the state of the material. 
○ Ideal for multi-product production
Removing the container for the material is easy. Every time the material is changed, the container can be completely cleaned so that different materials do not mix, even in multi-product manufacturing. 
○ Easy installation
This is a compact dryer. In addition, depending on the material to be dried, the exhaust system is not required because of the unique method of KUMETA SEISKAUSHO. Therefore, this dryer can be installed easily at a low cost. 
○ Producing high value-added products
This system is excellent, and is perfect for making products with strict quality control.



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