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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:40

Chitose Robotics Inc.

We provide subscription services for robot labor

With “ALGoZa,” our unique control technology as our core technology, our strength lies in having the technological skill to enable advanced robotic control with easy installation and setting (calibration-free, teaching-less) and integration support that meets the needs of our clients’ companies.

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Introducing business contents and application fields of major technologies.
Business content/features
Chitose Robot Services
A monthly fixed-charge service that includes initial and consumable costs for robots, robot maintenance fees and other procedures. It enables companies to introduce robots and use them as much as needed for their operations. To ensure the robots that are adopted by our customers sufficiently serve their purposes, we analyze their operating conditions and continue to automatically update their software to improve their operation speeds and recognition accuracy.

ALGoZa Library
This is a software package for visual feedback control, provided by “ALGoZa,” Chitose Robotics’ unique control technology. Applying this technology to robot systems makes calibration-free and teaching-free robotics operations possible. Using cameras and robot arms, it is also possible to implement high-accuracy control functions of up to 20 micrometers without calibration. It is increasingly being adopted by research institutions and new product development sites.
Areas of utilization of major technologies (robots)
Food processing area
We provide automation solutions for the food sector, in which production and consumption continue on a daily basis. Food products are handled in a way that ensures they do not deform, which is made possible by applying advanced control procedures to enable robots to recognize food materials with diverse shapes. In addition, we provide robot units to promote automation of routine operations at store kitchens, where labor shortages are expected to become a serious issue.

Retail distribution area
In networks that supply products to retailers, such as those used by convenience stores and super markets, there is an urgent need for the automation of the “sorting” process, i.e., the distribution of products to respective stores.  We provide new types of sensors and special end-effectors to automate the sorting process, enabling over 100,000 products with more than 10,000 varieties to be processed.

Soft body assembly area
Product assembly processes still rely heavily on manual work. Particularly, the assembly of flexible soft bodies, cables, wires, films and sheets, is very difficult to automate, as these materials are easy to deform and/or change their properties when handled. Chitose Robotics provides control algorithms to automate the handling of these “soft body parts.”
Message from the representative
Currently, Japan is facing numerous imminent issues, such as low birthrate and longevity, declining labor population, aging social infrastructure and climate change. Needless to say, these are also global issues that require a multidisciplinary approach to their solution. We will contribute to solving these issues by leveraging our robotics technology. Particularly, the declining labor population that is attributable to low birthrates and longevity is a serious issue in Japan, and could result in its deindustrialization. Utilizing our robotics technology, we aim to solve the labor shortage issues that are attributable to a declining labor population. To this end, we make efforts to develop useful robotics technology that can be used easily. Robotics technologies are completed solely through the wisdom and effort of many people in various fields. We will continue to tackle the issue of declining labor population in cooperation with robot system integrators, as well as those involved in robot use and robot element development. We look forward to mutual cooperation activities with all of you.

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