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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:50:01

Yanagisawa Woodworks Co., Ltd.

Design that has not changed since the foundation of our business, and that matches present-day lifestyles. That "guiding light" is in Matsumoto, Shinshu.

The lighting in a Japanese room has a nostalgic atmosphere. The lighting in a living room is Japanesque and modern. Inheriting the conventional art developed in Matsumoto, the town of folkcraft, we provide you with our lights, each one of which is painstakingly finished by our craftsmen.

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Sales Pitch

 "Beauty" that is not flamboyant
Soetsu Yanagi, the founder of the Mingei (folk art) movement, found new value in the simple, unadorned beauty of folk art objects used as daily tools and called it "beauty of use".
The contrast between the color of our lighting fixtures, which imitates wiped lacquer, and white washi paper is not glamorous, but it is a simple beauty that brings "harmony" and can truly be called "beauty of use.
We cannot make them in a large quantity.
We make many of our products manually. We do not produce in large quantities with machines. Because of our manual work, we can make products that meet customer requests.
You can use wood for a long time.
Wood is less susceptible to deterioration over time than plastic, so it can be used for a long time.
The color, which mimics that of wipe lacquer and has not changed since its manufacture, is painstakingly applied over and over again to ensure that it can withstand daily use. Even reinforced Japanese paper becomes discolored and easily torn with age, but it can be replaced like shoji screens.

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