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Latest update: 28/11/2019 16:06:02

Waka Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

We are a connector manufacturer making great strides in the field of high-frequency technology

Our company is doing a wide range of businesses from high-frequency coaxial products indispensable for next-generation high frequency and large volume communications to digital interfaces, lithium ion batteries, and machining. We are contributing to the realization of a prosperous society with our manufacturing that has received the trusted of our users.

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High-frequency coaxial product business and digital interface business
Our company develops and manufactures components for high frequencies up to 110GHz, such as high-frequency coaxial connectors and cables, phase shifters, and filters. We manufacture products with high accuracy and quality at our factory in Japan using electromagnetic field analysis and unique designs based on knowhow accumulated over many years.  Our products have achieved unrivaled high-frequency characteristics exceling particularly in the millimeter wave band field. We provide customers with not only discrete parts but also solutions to high-frequency design issues.
Our company develops and manufactures high-speed transmission interface connectors & cables, connection parts, components, and assemblies for various uses from AV and other home equipment to industrial equipment. We secure excellent transmission characteristics and high reliability. We also meet needs for customized design by utilizing mechanical design technology and material processing knowhow.
Lithium ion battery business
We design and manufacture products for various uses, and customized ones as well. Our products include battery units and UPSes based on lithium ion batteries, drive units combined from in-house motors and generators, and power generation and accumulation devices. They are used widely in a wide range of fields from the backup of power supplies for social infrastructure to wind power generation equipment and golf carts.
Machining business
We have an integrated production system in our factory that covers everything from mold designing and manufacturing to machining, resin molding, press working, board mounting, and assembling. We meet your design, prototyping, and production orders at the quickest turnaround. We are also good at designing and manufacturing various automatic machines and jigs & tools. Our company is fully equipped with a class 10,000 clean room for reliable manufacturing.







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