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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:26


We are pioneering the future with optical technology

Our company makes use of new lighting and image processing software technologies to solve problems with scratches and defects that had not been detected with conventional lighting methods. We pursue technologies for visualizing foreign matter and defects inside objects by means of highly transparent LED light in the near-infrared region. You can automate quality checks with a visual inspection system that is more accurate than visual inspection.

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We create new solutions with visualization technology
Our visual inspection system automates quality inspection
Our inspection system uses visible light and near-infrared light. Objects are illuminated with the light for appearance inspection. This system has been used for tasks such as transmission inspection of resin containers, visualization of liquids, transmission of package printing, and automation of visual inspections.

•Merits of introducing our company's visual inspection equipment for quality inspection

Fixing inspection standards, and realizing stable accuracy
Visual inspection by the human eye excels in flexibility, but it has the disadvantage of instability. The use of visual inspection equipment enables stable and accurate checks.

Introducing this inspection system enables inspections many times more than by the human eye
Automating the quality inspections performed by humans means that you can reduce working time and cut costs. Enhanced productivity will lead to increased production and increased profit.

Predetermined criteria eliminate variations in the inspection results
Our company's visual inspection solutions fix the inspection standards and enable high-quality, consistent product inspections, without variations.

Using high-magnification lenses enables inspections impossible for the human eye
The high-magnification lens enables viewing and inspecting any minute scratches and dirt that are seemingly non-existent.

• Types of inspection equipment
Inspection equipment for foreign matter in liquid
Inspection equipment for shrink packaging
LED light source realized with original technology
•Patented for the high-performance condensing optical system design
An LED image is formed on the light guide entrance end face in an LED light source with an imaging system, and aberration makes the illuminance distribution uneven. On the other hand, our non-imaging optical system creates round, even illumination distribution in the same shape as the light guide.

•High illumination
We were able to enhance illumination and to make it even by using an original optical system to condense the light emitted from the LED onto the end face of the light guide. This arrangement made it possible to replace metal halide lamps.

• Three types of external control are available as standard
-Serial communication: RS-232C 240 gradations
-Digital: Eight-bit digital 240 gradations
-Analog: 0-5V 960 gradations
(Configurable with the mode setting switch)
Appearance inspection system equipment
•Appearance inspection system equipment for foreign matter in liquid
This system automatically inspects foreign matter in liquid using near-infrared illumination.

List of inspection contents
-Inspection for foreign matter in liquid inside bottles
-Internal inspection of black liquid using near-infrared illumination
-Applicable to bottles of a requested diameter and height

• Appearance inspection system equipment for shrink packaging
This enables automatic inspection of shrink packaging, which is often visually checked.

List of inspection contents
-Inspection of shrink packaging for defects, creases, tears, and misalignment
-Foreign objects, hair, and the like caught between the container and the shrink wrap can be detected
-Bottles up to 60 mm in diameter and 100 mm in height can be inspected

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