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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:32

Naniwa Kosakusho Co.,Ltd.

We respond to technical consultation on molds and we are specialized in mold making

We are a mold manufacturer specializing in the production of plastic molds. 
We have cooperated with major manufacturers and supported manufacturing in Japan by utilizing cutting-edge mold manufacturing technology. We can handle injection molding, extrusion dies and dies for plastic products. In addition, we are promoting the overseas development of new products, such as water filtration equipment and fine crushers. We have won the "Manufacturing Japan Grand Prize” for these products.

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"Filtration equipment" used in various scenes <Clearino>
Clearino has 3 functions: (1) dirty ZONE, (2) ultracentrifugation ZONE, and (3) absolute filtration ZONE. Although this device is compact and inexpensive, the filtration of sewage, which was impossible with a single device, was realized.
Feature 1: Customizable according to filtration accuracy
Clearino has 3 functions (1) dirty zones, (2) ultracentrifugation zones, and (3) absolute filtration zones, and various customizations are possible according to the purpose of use. 

 If you want to remove only specific sludge and garbage, if you want to manage and store the removed sludge with only "Centrifugation ZONE", if you want to further filter the drinking water level with "Ultracentrifugation ZONE + Dirty ZONE", various customizations such as "Ultracentrifugation zone + Dirty zone + Absolute filtration zone" are possible. We have devised an approach to minimize costs according to various usage purposes.
Feature 2: Ultracentrifugation technology
Ultracentrifugation developed using a unique technology has greatly improved the performance of conventional centrifugal separators. With conventional centrifuges, only about 90% of sludge can be filtered, but now 99.9% of sludge can be removed. Our technology prevents the filter from being clogged and has succeeded in increasing the durability of the filter.
Feature 3: 1 micron filtration technology
Using a filter with a performance of 1 micron (0.001 ㎜), it is possible to remove Cryptosporidium, a chlorine-resistant microorganism that of 2-5 μ in size. As a result, Cryptosporidium the removal process, which involved expensive membrane filtration and and far-infrared ray treatment, can now be performed inexpensively. 

 We also support filters with various performances of 1μ, 3μ and 5μ. The filtration system can be changed according to the intended use.
Feature 4: Small size for various applications
Despite its small size of 16 × 16 × 105 cm, it is possible to filter 20 T or mote of water at the drinking water level of 20 T per day. This product is designed to be very clean and easy to maintain to clean up the inside dust and sludge when the filter is backwashed. In addition, it has a structure that allows easy replacement of filters so that no special knowledge is required 

 As for the combination of ultra-centrifugal ZONE and Dirty Zone, a very compact structure (16 cm × 16 cm × 40 cm) can be realized. 
There are no mechanically driven parts and no need for replacement of parts so that continuous use without maintenance including removal of sludge discharged in the industry is realized.
Example of usage
O Filtration equipment for filtering "industrial water" used in food and food washing factories
O Filtration equipment for filtering industrial sludge and food waste
O Filtration equipment for filtering ballast water that protects the marine ecosystem
O Filtration equipment for drinking water in case of disaster 
O Filtering device for drinking water in developing countries

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