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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:39

Marine Networks Co., Ltd.

Implementing IoT for marine leisure activities such as fishing and diving, as well as fishery and aquaculture

Our company has technical capabilities in developing GIS systems for marine and fishery uses, analyzing seabed topography, and handling position information.

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Outline of business, products, and technology
Business description and features
Our company operates the web smartphone application service TsuriNaviKun for people enjoying fishing in the sea and people engaged in fisheries.
This service provides a system that looks for fishing spots and grounds by using the smartphone GPS and bathymetric charts of our unique content along coasts throughout Japan. The system helps users navigate to the points or places on the sea.
In addition, individual users can record data useful for future fishing, such as past fishing records, tracks, places, and times, including meteorological conditions.
These big data are accumulated and integrated to improve the efficiency of fishing and fisheries along the coasts of Japan.
Outline of main products and technology
In addition to website operation, our company investigates lakebeds and seabeds with a side-scan sonar, develops and demonstrates oceanological survey equipment, and develops maritime traffic safety systems using GPS and smartphones.
Toward matching
The web application system TsuriNaviKun, which is now under operation, provides detailed bathymetric charts, overseas navigation systems, and cloud storage that record fishing and catch data for general anglers and fishermen. In future, we will promote information collection and newly provide satellite data and oceanological data from the Maritime Safety Agency.
By integrating bathymetric features, weather & marine phenomenon data, and catch data, we will build up a platform or database for the sustainable use of fishery resources along the coasts of Japan.
We have development capabilities related to fishery and aquaculture IoT using GIS systems and various sensors. We also conduct oceanological surveys using side-scan sonars and survey equipment experimentation on consignment. If you have any concerns related to the sea, please feel free to consult with us.