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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:33

Fumec Co., Ltd.

We design and manufacture automatic machinery according to orders from customers.

We design and manufacture automatic machinery and equipment. We can complete a consistent flow from customization to conception, design, parts processing, assembly, electric software, hardware, delivery, and local startup. 
We manufacture automatic mechanical devices according to customer needs, such as cam/ link mechanism, pneumatic/ hydraulic control, sequence control, servo motor control and robot control.  
We specialize in cost-effective semi-automatic machines and electronic component assembly equipment. We can flexibly handle conveyor and micro-size ultra-precision positioning conveyors.

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Company overview
[Description of business]
◆ Labor-saving automatic machine - Design, production and parts processing
We supply automatic machinery and equipment to manufacturers of automobiles and electronic components. 
We can design the concept by order and commission the production start-up based on drawings provided by us.
[Product field and technical features]
◆ Cam link, pneumatic, hydraulic, sequencer, servo, robot control
◆ Electronic parts automatic machine (electrolytic condenser assembly machine, double layer condenser assembly machine, automatic terminal welding taping equipment, IC autoloader, metal spray equipment, aging equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment)
◆ Equipment related to automobiles (X-ray inspection equipment, brake manufacturing equipment, parts press-in equipment assembling equipment, leak tester, inspection equipment)
◆ Hot air dryer
◆ External wall material production equipment
◆ Labor-saving transfer equipment (various conveyors)
[Order form]
◆ Development of prototype, small-lot production, short delivery time
We have received many production requests aiming at high quality and low cost, and we flexibly respond to the content that customers want to emphasize.
[Proposals from us]
◆ Long-time stable operation by cam
We specialize in the design and manufacture of devices that perform multiple and synchronous operations using multiple cams. After the device starts running, it is possible to maintain the initial performance for a long time with simple maintenance. (Running cost can be reduced.)
◆ Compact design and simplified transportation using a turntable
As for electronic component assembly machines, turntables are actively used to transport the work. We set the work process according to the stop angle through combination with the index unit, adopt the mechanism that performs the work reliably is adopted, and downsize the equipment, 
In addition, we realize the simplified and reliable transfer without waste by selecting the optimal transfer method (between tables) according to the shape and material of the work.
◆ Reliable assembly by assembly engineers
For assembly, simply tightening the screws and combining the parts increase individual differences, even in the same machine. The performance difference is apparent, even if the appearance of the device is similar. 
Based on our abundant experiences in assembling many types of machines, such as different sizes of machines, fast and slow speed machines, and machines handling hard and soft products, we can determine how the performance of the equipment can be demonstrated by considering places where attention is required. Ultra-precision machines measuring less than 0.01 mm can be assembled. Others can be assembled inexpensively without the need for man-hours. The person in charge will assemble responsibly to the end in consideration of the important points of the assembly according to each device.

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