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Reliable machining technology and effective proposal capabilities for metal products and press molds

We design and manufacture metal parts and molds. We can handle mold manufacturing for a wide variety of fields, from progressive die manufacturing of small parts consisting of multiple combinations of punching, bending, drawing, and forming to designing and manufacturing molds, jigs, and mechanisms to be mounted on special-purpose and automated machines. 

We excel at manufacturing challenging products requiring high technical expertise and finesse.

Please leave it to us for machining very hard materials or difficult-to-cut materials as well as 3D machining.

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Product information
Mold manufacturing
Fine technology, and an expanding range of applicable fields

Our company is dedicated to fine accuracy of ±1 micron.

We use high-quality molds that do not deviate even slightly to help you manufacture high-quality products without waste.

That is what we have been committed to for our four decades since our foundation.

We have been manufacturing molds for users in various fields, for mounting on a wide range of machines and automatic equipment.

You can also leave it to us for designing and manufacturing jigs and mechanical parts.
Metal part manufacturing
High precision, quality, and hardness

Our company excels at manufacturing difficult-to-machine metal parts that require high technical expertise and finesse.

Complex shapes are formed by concentrating on various machines and mold parts one by one.

High-precision finishing by skilled engineers with advanced skills gained in many years of experience.

We also make use of our knowledge and know-how as a mold manufacturer to provide metal parts machined with specifications that satisfy you.
Equipment and craftsmanship

Metal parts and mold manufacturing, which have a long history,  evolve with the times.

Our company has been actively introducing new machinery and striving to meet the demands of the times.

On the other hand, to supply products that ultimately satisfy you, it is necessary to have skilled engineers to finish the work.

We believe that it is only with a good combination of equipment and craftsmanship that ideas and products can be created with confidence.

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