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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:07

WEED Co., Ltd.

The ultimate precision by the hand of experts. 

Our six-surface milling (6F) technique cannot be copied by other companies.  We are a manufacturer that is capable of cutting, six-surface milling, and polishing of special steel, aluminum, stainless steel, casting, and other nonferrous metals.

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We are adept at the processing and production of small- to medium-sized workpieces.  Using old-fashioned machines, we can achieve a precision in our products that is not possible with the latest machines (facilities).  

Six-surface milling machine
Surface polishing
Our strengths
WEED has the technical ability to ensure high precision processing. 
With the skill and sense that artisans acquire through several years of experience, we can add extra value to conventional metal materials and provide them to you.  

By adding one more step to the processing procedure, we achieve results with less processing deformation (bending and warping) than that typically generated during metalworking. 
Processing deformation causes errors in the final measurement. However, our processing technology ensures that we provide metal materials with high precision and few defects. 

Although it depends on the material and machining conditions, our products normally have such high flatness that they do not require polishing. They are highly praised by the manufacturers we work with. 

We work hard every day to provide high-precision metal materials that can reduce the workloads of our customers. 

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