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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:37

Komiyama Co.,Ltd.

We have received orders from Japan's leading assembly manufacturers of parts for construction equipment, industrial vehicles, and agricultural machinery.

We are a parts manufacturer that performs integrated production from die manufacturing to forging (monthly production capacity: 2,000 tons), heat treatment and machining. Based on the corporate motto "Wa (Unity)", we continue to promote not only safety but also quality improvement and cost reduction of the products we produce. We strengthen our management structure, make efforts to create a bright and rewarding workplace, and enhance both the physical and mental aspects of our employees. In addition, we aim to be a company that contributes to the local community.

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Technology and products of Komiyama
Features of Komiyama products
O Material
SC steel, SS steel, SCM steel, SCR steel, non-heat treated steel, etc. We use a wide variety of steel materials, mainly carbon steel and alloy steel. 
O Product size
At present, we manufacture small items of 1kg and large items of 500kg. 
O Production quantity
We handle a wide range of multi-kind and small-lot production to mass-produced products. 
O Short delivery time
We established an in-house integrated production system to achieve short delivery times. 
O High quality
We perform thorough quality control through a complete inspection system.
Challenge to continuous improvement of technology
Examples of initiatives (referred from our blog)
O Challenge to realize precision SR (spherical) processing
We are challenging precision SR (spherical) processing. 
We are trying to improve accuracy only by cutting. A new order called for the handling SR (spherical surface) processing, so we decided to take on the challenge. Since accuracy cannot be obtained unless multiple factors such as tools, jigs, machine accuracy, and cutting conditions are optimized, we are proceeding with this processing as the culmination of existing processing technologies. We intend to establish this technology as one of our new technologies. If you have any requests for precision SR (spherical) processing, please contact us. 
O Enhancement of production technology
We internally manufacture almost all jigs. (Forging dies and machining jigs)
The lead time of production of the prototype is short. We handle everything from design to production. To enhance the production technology system, we implemented CAD for jig design, introduced machining dedicated to production technology, and have increased the number of workers of the production technology group. We make efforts to respond to various customer requests (prototypes with short delivery times). 
O Automatic deburring
In our machining business, we are challenging the automation of deburring. 
Burrs generated on curved surfaces (outer and inner diameters) used to be manually removed. We abandoned existing concepts and we are challenging the deburring of three-dimensional shapes. Prototype tests were conducted and good results were obtained. We will make efforts to make improvements. 
O Assembly
We also assemble sub-assemblies, etc. 
When performing welding, preheating is performed. However, the preheating device (photo) is designed and manufactured internally. The number of revolutions is controlled by the inverter control, and the preheating temperature is satisfied in a specified time. When performing press-fitting, a hydraulic press-in machine is used. We perform overhauls internally. If you have any requests for assembly, please contact us.
Main products and equipment
We have equipment such as a large 8-ton hammer and 2,000-ton screw press, and perform integrated production including die manufacturing to forging (die forging, monthly production capacity of 2,000 tons), heat treatment, and machining. As a parts manufacturer, we have gained the high trust of our users. 
■ Main products
o Various parts of construction machine parts (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic equipment, powertrain related parts)
o Various parts of industrial vehicle and agricultural machine
■ Main equipment
- Screw press: 1 unit
- Airdrop hammer: 8-ton hammer and others: 7 units
- Turning center: 2 units
- NC lathe: 23 units
- Machining center: 19 units
- Front lathe: 2 units
- Band saw with product sorting and unloading device and metal saw: 12 units
- Three-dimensional measuring machine

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