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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:52

Ace International Trade Co., Ltd.

We are the manufacturer and trading company of a problem-solving type that handles chemical merchandise.

- We have a wide range of merchandise lineup with which you can feel an outstanding effect, contributing to solving our customers' problems. 
 -  We handle a wide variety of "chlorine-free products" and "water-based coating materials", and have business with companies that focus on the environment.         


Sales Pitch

EXLUB is optimal for maintenance work to reduce friction on machines and any other equipment!
- Dramatic and long-lasting effects
 The formation of a strong lubricating film, as well as the oil content, creates a
 Long-lasting, strong effect that outperforms other companies' products
 Helps reduce the burden of maintenance
- Chlorine-free and environmentally friendly
 Chlorine, which is used in many lubricating products, is not used.
 This eliminates concerns about the health and environmental effects of chlorine
-Although it is chlorine-free, this product exercises an outstanding effect that does not fall behind high-performance products with chlorine from our competitors'.
Q2 enables anybody to easily suppress any aging resulting from rust.
- Inhibits rusting by converting red rust to black rust.
- Inhibits rusting by converting to black rust, and contributes to aging countermeasures
- No need for tedious cleaning, such as keren work, and surface preparation
- No need for primer
- Easy to apply with a brush
- Dramatically shortens work time
-After the rust is turned into black rust, you can coat it with your favorite coating.

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