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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:45

Takagi Engineer Co., Ltd.

We offer total support from surveying to design

Our company is located in Otaru City. We make extensive contributions to development in this area through our general surveying and design operations. We provide total support regarding surveying, investigation, and various applications for land and buildings. Please feel free to contact us.


Sales Pitch

[Description and features of business]
Surveys are performed first. Construction is performed after that. What kind of work is involved in our survey operations? People usually imagine a scene in which a large camera is installed on a street, construction site, or riverbank, and then a person looks into something like a telescope using a tripod. These are actually survey operations, but only part of our operations. All construction work is started after land, terrain, and features are accurately surveyed. All structures involving bridges, roads, buildings, rivers, tunnels, railroads, dams, ports and harbors, and parks cannot be constructed and safe construction cannot be performed without accurate surveys. Surveying supports an invisible point of modern society from behind the scenes. Our headquarters is located in Otaru City, but our business operation area includes all regions of Japan without being limited to Hokkaido.
[Overview and examples of main products, technology, products, and services]
■ Public Surveying
Survey operations for public works entrusted by government agencies: Public works includes public buildings, bridges, roads, rivers, ports and harbors, dams, railroads, and sewerage systems. Maintenance and repair of infrastructure, surveys of sites, terrain and the like for new construction. Control point surveys associated with these works.
[Main examples of entrusted projects]
GNSS control point surveys, surveys of multiple points, leveling, route surveying, river surveying, port and harbor surveying, terrain surveying, surveys of existing conditions, surveys of areas of land, applied surveying
■ Surveying for construction
We perform surveys for manufacturers of bridges, ironwork, and so on, who are contractors for new construction, repair, and maintenance of public facilities, according to needs for processes including those under construction and after completion of construction. 
[Main examples of entrusted projects]
Control point surveys, surveys for checking level points, surveys for checking line shapes, surveys for checking structures, surveys for line shape setting for superstructure work, bearing position setting, and reference point setting before construction
■ Design Department
• Investigation and execution design for rivers
• Investigation and design for agriculture and civil engineering
[Track record of transactions and development with major companies]
Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. and Docon Co., Ltd.

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