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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:13

Kawabe Noken Sangyo K.K.

A vision of future agriculture.

We develop and manufacture agricultural machines.  They free you from hard work and save time, contributing to improved working styles.  We offer products for wide-ranging purposes, such as trenchers and tillers. 

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“Super-soiler” effect that greatly improves drainage
KAWABE’s “Super Soiler” uses its unique self-vibro method to grip and shake soil to crush the hardpan under the plowed soil of fields or beneath greenhouses.  This process softens every layer of the soil and allows oxygen to travel deeper into the ground, enabling further growth of crop roots and activation of effective underground microorganisms, leading to quality improvements and higher crop yields. 

Moreover, the soil will have both significantly better water permeability (drainage) and water retention, making the field more resilient against both damage from excess water caused by both excessive rains and droughts caused by strong sun, stabilizing the profit of agricultural management. 
Improvements in harvesting work will greatly contribute to the continuous growth of agricultural management.
KAWABE’s “Super Soiler” uses its unique self-vibro method to grip and shake soil and to soften the soil around or under root vegetables such as leek, burdock, Japanese radish, taro potato, sweet potato, carrot, and garlic without digging it up before harvest.  After using the Super Soiler, it will be much easier to pull out vegetables. Not only does this make harvest more efficient, but it also significantly reduces the difficulty of digging up and pulling out vegetables.  

Moreover, the optimization of harvesting not only stabilizes agricultural businesses through profitability increases brought about by the work-time reduction involved but will also greatly contribute to their sustainable growth.
Taking agriculture in to the future
Agriculture is facing many issues in its future, including “securing/training workers,” “establishing an easier, more motivating work environment,” and “stabilizing management” for business continuity and growth. 
KAWABE has contributed to developing solutions for these challenges for more than 50 years using soil conditioning and labor saving to improve the efficiency of harvesting work, improving the quality of harvested products, and reducing costs by utilizing the expertise that we have accumulated in agricultural machine development. 

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