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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:15

Sankyo Co.,Ltd.

Expansion into many fields through plating technology. 

We conduct surface treatments (plating in silver, brass, copper, nickel, chrome and zinc, painting, and Kirinsu processing) of parts for diverse range of purposes, shapes (up to 4 m) and materials (carbon).  We can accommodate a diverse range of products, including automotive parts, heavy electric (power station) parts, parts for power transmission and distribution, smart meter parts, medical equipment parts, and fire alarm parts. 

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Sales Pitch

World’s highest quality in plating technology
Automatic electroplating technology for carbon material
Automatic plating devices can apply coating that exhibits even thickness on carbon materials. 
This automatic plating device for carbon materials can achieve an even coating thickness and quality for every product. 

[Product benefits]
As this automatic plating device for carbon material can perform even plating on each product, there is little difference between pieces. Moreover, it has a high yield rate, which helps contribute to the man-hour reduction in the subsequent process. 

It can be used to connect different materials, such as a carbon material and a component, that require an electrical connection. 
Quality management system
We are equipped with various inspection devices to help us maintain our strict quality control system. 
Fluorescence X-ray film thickness meter (two machines)
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Multipurpose mobile automatic analyzer (Mobile analyzer)
Meniscograph (Solder checker)
Solder test tank
Overseas expansion
Philippines: Supporting the establishment of the plating line at SANYO Semiconductor Manfacturing Philippines Corporation’s (SSMP) factory.

Hong Kong: Local subsidiary

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