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Totetsu Manufacturing, Co. Ltd..

Contribute to society by the rainwater storage and use system

Our Universal Rain Water Storage System (UN System) is unique in using a new construction method for concrete water tank technology. 17 patents registered in domestic and overseas. Our technology make it possible to design the small capacity one to the large capacity one by adopting the block construction system. The type of UN System is 1) underground buried type, 2) semi-underground type, and 3) ground installed type.

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Sales Pitch

Adopted as JICA's India project and expands its activity internationally
Adopted for the rainwater storage utilization project in India, completed and in operation now
In 2014, UN Water Storage System was adopted as a research project in India by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), its construction started in 2017 and completed in 2019. Under the theme of "Survey on Manufacturing and Sales of Plastic Rainwater Underground Storage System that Fills the Water Supply and Demand Gap", "Plastic rainwater storage system that can store rainwater concentrated in the rainy season safely for a long period of time has been popularized It will contribute to the water shortage problem in India by realizing the recycling of water." After completion, it is operating as a rainwater storage utilization system in Chennai, India.
Outline specifications
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Technology used: Universal rainwater underground storage system (UN system)
Size: 620 cubic meters
Technology alliance (rainwater management field)
Technology alliance (rainwater management field) for extension of business worldwide
Large demand is expected worldwide for distributed on-site rainwater storage/use in urban areas, securing agricultural water in rural areas, forest fire prevention water storage tanks in mountainous areas, etc. We would like to cooperate with the company for business promotion in these fields.
Onsite storage and use of rainwater in urban areas
UN System enables On-site Rainwater Storage in urban parks and plazas
Not only large-scale centralized storage system with concrete structure, but also small-to-medium-scale decentralized on-site storage (where rainwater occurs) can be stored and used in urban areas by UN System.
Use the above-ground part of the storage tank as a park
In case of underground buried type, the above-ground part of the storage tank can be used as a park or a parking lot, so the land can be effectively used. The semi-underground type enables to design various facilities such as installing a solar power generation panel.
Design the scale from small capacity to large capacity
Increase the capacity by increasing the number of blocks constructed by partition walls
UN System is a block construction method that makes it easy to construct a partition wall, so the capacity can be freely designed by increasing or decreasing the blocks formed by the partition wall.


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Storage parts_AQUA PALACE.pdf

Other presentation

UN water storage system, whose main component is the Aqua Palace, is adopting construction method that supports the top load with a plastic pipe. This enables 1) to use the top space for parking space or play ground, etc. , 2) allows people to enter the water tank and perform periodic inspection and maintenance, 3)stores good quality water for a long time.

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