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Takakita Co., Ltd.

From agriculture to life culture

Since our foundation in 1912, we have developed agricultural work machines based on the concept of “Get accounted for the earth and live on the soil”, and we have been working on modernizing agriculture. From now on, while continuing to contribute to agricultural development, which will change dramatically, we actively work on “large bearing processing” and “eco-feed” while producing traditional equipment in order to diversify and expand our business.

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We have a rich lineup of agricultural work machines that combine the best of technology, from tractors to self-propelled types.
Packaging pasture and straw
# Power roll baler, power cut roll baler: A series of operations from winding the net (twine) to opening and closing the chamber can be performed fully automatically. Recovery from grass clogging is easy with the down mechanism on the bottom plate. Gull wing type cover that maintenance is easy. The pickup device is 170 cm wide and it is equipped with a gauge wheel. 
Various other roll balers
# Self-propelled lap machine: This machine is equipped with the diesel engine (Work efficiency, cost reduction [fuel efficiency], and reduction of workload were realized [approximately 25% reduction in fuel efficiency in comparison to the conventional model was realized]. With a maximum output of 13.5 horsepower, the speed reduction when traveling in the field has been decreased.) Equipped with a large-capacity fuel tank (one refueling enables continuous operation for more than 6 hours, which is about three times that of the conventional model). Equipped with a standard canopy (Reduces the fatigue of workers under the blazing sun). 
Supports a film width of 75 cm (The stretch mechanism is a double stretch specification with a film width of 50 cm x 2 lines. We can also handle a film width of 75 cm [Single stretch]).
Other wrapping machines
#Combination wrapping machine: Immediate sealing with continuous molding and packing work (highly efficient work has been realized because sealing work is performed continuously from roll bale packing work. High-quality roll silage can be realized because of high density and immediate sealing). Easy elimination of weeds by lever operation (the down mechanism on the bottom plate makes it easy to eliminate weeding on the cutting drum). Equipment pursuing ease of use (Back monitor: the status of the wrapping part can be checked from the driver's seat. - Bale rising/lowering attachment: Easy post-process with the raising/lowering mechanism (optional). Out of film sensor (detecting presence/ absence of the wrap film and stopping automatically). Built-in power package (Tractor without hydraulic pressure can be installed). Equipped with tandem wheel (excellent in tracking irregularities). 
Other high speed belt types are available.
Fertilizer and seeding machine
#Compocaster (organic fertilizer spreader equipped with PTO interlocking mode and simple mixing function): - The spray port shutter automatically opens and closes in conjunction with the rotation of the tractor PTO to reduce unevenness and waste of spraying (only for electric type). - Evenly spraying organic fertilizers (compost, rice bran, chicken dung, etc.) with a water content of 45% or less. - Leaning with organic fertilizers such as organic fertilizers and chemicals can be easily handled with a spray lever. - Fine adjustment is possible from inside the tractor cabin using the digital controller (electric type only). - Simple mixing of organic and chemical fertilizers.- Equipped with a screen net that prevents entry of a large lump of fertilizer. This net can be used as a stand for fertilizer bags and can be opened and closed easily (CC6001D/ CC8001D only). 
various other sprayers
#Jet seeder (high-speed precision sowing machine): - We adopt our unique pressurized injection type sowing mechanism. (High-speed precision sowing is realized by the pressurized injection-type sowing mechanism in which one grain is sown each time.) - The distance between seeding ridges and pitch can be adjusted flexibly. The distance between seeding ridges can be adjusted from 60 to 80cm (Note) and the sowing pitch can be adjusted from 8 to 28 cm. (Note) 63 to 80 cm, as stipulated in JS4127
- Rubber crushing wheel with high crushing effect. (Highly effective crushing is realized by rubber crushing wheels with little soil adhesion.) - Simultaneous fertilization with sowing is possible. (Sorting and fertilization can be performed at the same time, and the amount of fertilizer can be adjusted in 20 stages by replacing the sprocket). JS4127 is a flexible container hopper that is convenient for the batch input of fertilizer. There is also a two-row type according to the field area. - Abundant options (Sorgo mixed sowing attachment (for soybeans and red beans), self-foil attachment for sorgo and disc opener attachment are available (for JS2107 and JS4107).
Weed control and weeding machines
e-boat (remote controlled operation saves labor for spraying herbicides.) Performance is good. Operability is good. Price is good. ): Comfortable work with a high-output 2.2 horsepower engine (The gasoline 4-cycle engine has a total displacement of 50 cc and an output of 2.2 horsepower. High-power, high-speed work can be performed, and work can be performed comfortably without being affected by wind.) - The flat bottom design allows work even in shallow water (the bottom of the boat has a flat shape to secure buoyancy and can be used in water as shallow as 5 cm. Vertical grooves are provided on the bottom surface to keep the straightness stable).  - Easy turning with a large ladder (Surrounding performance is secured with a large ladder. When working while the throttle is fully open, returning the throttle near the ridge opens the ladder and results in automatic deceleration.) - Improvement of durability with a 3-blade resin propeller. - 7-stage spray amount adjustment dial (You can adjust the amount of spray of the chemical by selecting the dial attached to the drug spray port. In addition, chemicals are discharged from the top of the boat to make it easier to check the spraying status of the chemical.* Opening and closing of the spray port can be performed from the transmitter.) - Tank shape where chemicals are unlikely to remain (The V-shaped bottom of the spray port of the tank where the chemical is put allows the chemical outlet to be at the lowest position of the tank, even when the hull is tilted. Therefore, the chemical is stably dispensed even while turning. In addition, the tank is inclined toward the spray port on the rear of the aircraft so that the chemical is unlikely to remain.) - Electrical components remain on top. Avoiding trouble (Electrical equipment [rechargeable battery, receiver, etc.] is installed at the top of the hull to minimize electrical equipment trouble caused by water spray and moisture.) 
The electrical cover can also be easily attached and detached without tools. (One spare rechargeable battery of the receiver is attached])- Highly durable with a polyethylene hull (The hull is made of polyethylene and resistant to shock and durable.) - Easy to move with casters (Equipped with casters that are convenient for moving from one paddy to another paddy.)
#Other sprayers (control), boom mower, offset shredder (weed cutting)

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