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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:00

Sanshiba Glass Co., Ltd.

We are a glass working manufacturer with one of the largest glass working facilities in Japan.  With our many achievements and rich experience as pioneers of glass working, including in functional glasses such as laminated glass, tempered glass and multilayered glass, bending, chemical strengthening, and ceramic printing, we can accommodate any request from our customers. 

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Largest equipment in Japan and many processing technologies
Our strength is that we can satisfy any request from our customers through complex production processes that include working with functional glasses such as laminated glass, tempered glass, and multilayered glass, as well as bending, chemical strengthening, and ceramic printing. 
The key to satisfying diverse requests is a well-equipped facility.  For instance, our interlayer printer is fast, offers beautiful results, and is highly customizable, and our customers are extremely satisfied with its performance. 
Moreover, the chemical strengthening kiln that we acquired last year enables the strengthening of thin or small glass pieces, which was previously difficult, and processing after strengthening. We believe this has further expanded the potential of glass. 
If requested, we can design and produce your product.  We are working to become a company that solves unique and troublesome problems, and we offer a production system that works from the standpoint of every customer. 
We work hard every day to meet both quality requirements and deadlines through our integrated system of rich and diverse skills. 
Chemically tempered glass (Sun Chemical)
By immersing glass in potassium nitrate solution and replacing the sodium ions contained in the glass material with potassium ions, it is possible to produce glass with five times more surface compression than air-cooled tempered glass.

Our chemical strengthening kiln can process glass with thicknesses of between under 1 mm and 19 mm and with sizes of up to 2,000 mm × 3,000 mm. 

Characteristics of chemically strengthened glass 
Owing to its minor central tensile stress, it naturally does not break. 
Float glass < Thermally strengthened glass ≤ Chemically strengthened glass 
It does not crack even when it is greatly warped.
Owing to its high compression stress, it is resistant to scratches. 
A thin plate can withstand thermal shock that is several times larger than what a float glass plate could withstand. 
Owing to low-temperature treatment, its level of warping is not different from that of float glass. 
It is not deformed by the low-temperature treatment. 
Strengthening of plates that are less than 1-mm thick is possible. Bending or making unique shapes are also possible. 
The glass strength does not change even when it is made thinner. 
It has fewer limitations on its size than thermally strengthened glass.
Glass for printing
For printing on glass, we use Sun Fine (glass interlayer printing), which prints digital design data directly onto the interlayer of laminated glass using a special inkjet printer, and Sun Ceramics, which can be used to print ceramics on glass surfaces and apply heat treatment. 
It can be used to print any design, and also has wide color variation of colors. It enables highly original decorative designs.  It can also be used as a light wall or floor display to utilize its transparency.

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