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Yamaco co., LTD.

Machine processing is added to hot and cold composite forging. We propose Monozukuri craftsmanship that “makes the impossible possible.”

We manufacture forged parts (hot and cold composite forging and machine processing), including parts for automobiles, and CFRP thermoplastic molding. The strength of Yamaco is the composite product technology combining hot and cold forging. We use the reliable technology and solutions that we have devised since our establishment to convert Monozukuri craftsmanship ideas, explore all manner of possibilities, and realize high precision and quality with quick delivery and low cost.

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Working on advanced technology and pursuing the possibilities of precision forging
At Yamako Co., Ltd., we focus on various advanced materials and work on the development of next-generation technologies.
We mold complex shapes by forging dies using hot forging, which involves application of heat, in combination with cold forging, which demands further accuracy, to manufacture products that do not require processing. The combination of techniques to finish products by making full use of machine processing technology in addition to forging is truly Yamako’s original ability.
(1) Aluminum forging technology
There is a need to make all types of components lighter to improve the fuel efficiency of for instance automobiles. In particular, it is suitable for the replacement for parts casting cannot achieve sufficient strength, such as foundry or die casting materials. There are materials available with strength equivalent to iron, and the possibilities of hot forging of aluminum alloys continue to evolve.
(2) Titanium forging technology
Titanium, which is lightweight, strong, and exhibits excellent anticorrosion properties, is expected to be actively used in the medical field, for instance, in artificial joints, as well as in the aviation industry for engine disks and shafts on aircraft, which demand high reliability. Yamaco took up titanium as a new material ahead of others, and working on hot, cold and composite forging as well as machine processing of it.
(3) Cobalion (cobalt alloy) forging technology
Cobarion, which has little nickel content, is a material that is suitable for medical products that come into contact with human body. In addition to being used for biomedical purposes, such as artificial bones and joints, it is also used for ornamental products, such as luxury watches and rings for its unique brilliance.

*”COBARION” is a registered trademark of the Iwate Industry Promotion Center.
(4) Inconel Hastelloy forging technology
Nickel-based Inconel alloys have excellent resistance to high temperatures and erosion, and therefore are employed in products used in severe environments such as aircraft and spacecraft as well as for industrial turbines. it is necessary to use forging technology (hot/cold forging) to deliver it in the state that require no further processing.
(5) CFRP forging technology (patent pending)
Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a new material that is an alternative to metals. It is increasingly being used for various products for its lightness and strength. Yamaco uses its plastic forming technology to produce complex shapes.
A production system that consistently performs mold design-manufacturing and forging + machine processing
We use 3D CAD/CAM to design products with complex shapes and make dies and molds in-house.
We have an all-in-one production process from design and forging to machine processing, enabling us to propose production that does not require processing and can reduce turnaround and cost.

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