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Reliable technology and free ideas - NIDAK SEIMITSU is specialized in casting technology.

We manufacture various parts, such as aluminum and stainless steel using the lost wax method, which is one of the casting methods. We belong to the "forming materials industry.” Our products are used for the parts of such products in a wide range of fields, including aircraft, defense equipment, and industrial machinery. 
We specialize in small-lot production of many kinds and casting of various metal materials, and we can flexibly respond to delivery dates. In addition, we improve dimensional accuracy, casting technology for complex and thin-walled products, develop high-strength aluminum alloy to respond to customers' demands that progress daily in terms of quality. We strive every day to become the world's top manufacturer of lost wax.

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Product, quality system, and technology orientation
Production items
■ Aircraft, Space, Defense
- Parts of electronic equipment: Antenna, waveguide
- Parts of hydraulic equipment: Valve body, cover
- Airframe parts: Lever, trigger, hook
- Aiming device: Gimbal, mount
- Meters and gauges: Manifold, valve
- Interior materials: Housing, footstep
■ Electronic communication
- Transmitter and receiver: Waveguide, feed bone
- Peripheral equipment: Holder, chassis, case
■ Industrial machine
- Optical equipment:  CCD holder, mirror holder
- Medical equipment:  Scroll rotor, plaster cast
- Measuring instrument: Chassis, parallel surface plate, altitude frame
- Food manufacturing equipment: Rotor, screw
- Parts for nuclear power generation: Spring retainer
- Parts of automatic ticket gate: Linear rotor, HP arm
- Centrifuge: Feed nozzle, impeller
- Parts of printing machine: Holder, cam, bracket
- Parts of crusher: Feed screw, disc
- Parts of petrochemical equipment: Return bend, grating
 - Others: Construction fittings, pump parts
Major materials
○ Magnesium alloy (JIS, FS) MC2C, AZ91C
○ Aluminum alloy (JIS, AMS, MIL, FS) AC4C, AC4CH, AC4D, AC7A, 356.0, A356.0, 355.0, C355.0, 712.0, 40E, A357.0, F357.0, A201.0, etc.
○ Stainless steel, heat-resistant steel (JIS, ASTM, ACI, AMS) SCS1, SCS11, SCS13, SCS16, SCS21, SCS24, SCH22, CA15, CF8, CF8C, CB7Cu, HK40, N-155, etc.
○ Low alloy steel (JIS, AMS) SCCrM1, SCCrM2, 5328, 5338 etc.
○ Silicon steel (electrode material) 1% Si-Fe, 3% Si-Fe
○ Wear-resistant cast iron 25Cr cast iron, 18Cr cast iron (440C), 15Cr-3Mo cast iron
○ Copper alloy (JIS, ASTM, MIL, AMS) BeCu20C, Si.Bronze, Al.Bronze, Brass, Bronze
○ Nickel-cobalt based alloy Hastelloy (B, C, C276, X) or equivalent, Stellite (# 1, 3, 6, 12) or equivalent, X Monel or equivalent, Inconel 625 or equivalent
Quality assurance
■ QA system and various certifications
We provide thorough quality assurance in compliance with Common Specifications for Quality Management stipulated by the Ministry of Defense and Quality Assurance Requirements of each prime. 
- GEAE (GE Aircraft Engine Company) 社 S-400, S-1000 certified
- DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas-Norwegian Classification Society) factory certified
Aluminum Alloy Castings
- JIS Q 9100: 2016
Manufacturing of lost-wax precision castings for aerospace
 (Including design and manufacturing of molds and inspection of prototype products)
- JIS Q 9001: 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015)
 Manufacturing of lost-wax precision castings for general industry
 (Including design and manufacture of molds and inspection of prototype products)
- Nadcap authentication
(Non-destructive testing)
Heat Treating (heat treatment)
■ Main certification manufacturing and testing equipment
- Radiation flaw detector
 - Fluorescent penetration testing equipment
 - Chemical component analyzer
- Heat treatment equipment for aluminum and magnesium alloy castings
 - Tension tester (compatible with Nadcap)
 - Hardness tester (Rockwell)
- Repair welding equipment for aluminum alloy castings

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