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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:00


Industrial chemical manufacturer in the Hokuriku Region

At first, we started engaging in the industrial chemical business, dealing in water treatment flocculants, water glass, and so on. Now, our businesses are comprised of three pillars: the above industrial chemical business, the casting-related material business, and the foaming polystyrene business. The products produced by us are used by companies and public facilities in the three prefectures of the Hokuriku Region. Furthermore, by utilizing our high level of technology, we recycle resources. Using by-products or the like discharged from local companies as raw materials, we produce new products. We proudly believe that we are a pioneer in "recycling" and "environmental friendliness".

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Our businesses and products
Chemical product business
We have recycled rich resources derived from the Earth and, by utilizing chemistry, opened up original fields.
Our water treatment technology has been helpful for people's lives and achieved coexistence with nature. Under thorough quality control, our products are produced from carefully selected raw materials and shipped.  
-Sulfate band
-Aluminum chloride
-Poly aluminum chloride
-Silicate soda
-Sodium aluminate  
Casting business
Automobiles and construction machinery that support the basis of our lives cannot be produced without casting. 
We provide local casting manufacturers with casting sand and casting cores that are indispensable to the production of cast-metal objects. 
Furthermore, we recycle used casting sand by applying original recycling technology, which contributes to the local community.
-Resin coated sand
-Recycled sand
-Casting cores
Foaming polystyrene business
Through the production of foaming polystyrene products, we have been contributing to "a recycling-oriented society" and "a low carbon society".
Foaming polystyrene is a material composed of 98% water and air. It is lightweight, has good insulation, and is easy to process. Thanks to these characteristics, our products are used in various scenes of life.
-Molded items
-Processed products

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