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We bring dreams and a bright future to everyone through electronics

We make use of our unique processing technology to supply various substrates for micro packaging, including highly reliable printed circuit boards and IC package substrates and RFID tags. Our products are adopted in a broad range of fields, such as aerospace, the IoT, industrial machinery and medical equipment. We also strive to exclude conflict minerals thorough quality control efforts.

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We support the future of electronics with high-quality substrates
We provide reliable substrates with advanced technology
Demand for semiconductors and electronic components is expanding in various fields. These include information and communications, LEDs, sensors, FA and industrial machinery, medical and precision equipment, security, aerospace and the IoT, wearables, and automobile. The substrate on which an IC is mounted also needs to be smaller, thinner, denser, and more sophisticated in heat dissipation and dielectric properties, depending on the application. We are an engineering development company. We always work on R&D of new technologies and new manufacturing methods to satisfy diversifying needs.
Technology that opens up new possibilities for printed circuit boards
Our company possesses various kinds of technical know-how for printed circuit board manufacturing. We make use of and combine these technologies to achieve higher-density and thinner printed circuit boards.

[Hole filling technique]
•Filling through holes with resin and flattening the board surface makes it possible to form component pads (component mounting) directly above the through holes.
•Via-on-via is made possible by using it for the inner layer of a build-up PCBs.
•Epoxy resin and conductive paste is available for filling ink.

[Cavity forming method]
•Resin does not exude to the pattern unlike standard laminated cavity PCBs, so the stage (tier part) can be minimized.
•Consistent product performance is realized as the entire unit is manufactured from the same material without using any adhesive sheets.
•More flexibility is possible in design as there is no restriction on the number of tiers and the depth of each level.

[Pressing technology]
•The warp of these push-back PCBs is minimized.
Only non-defective sheets can be supplied because faulty products can be replaced.
•Half-cut through-hole PCBs and metal PCBs can be produced.

[Lamination method]
•Various materials can be attached to the product.

[Dam method]
•Dams having different shapes and heights are formed on the same surface of the product.

[Pinning technique]
•We can fix the lead pin to the product without soldering.
Contributing to society with thorough quality control
Our company has established a quality policy, environmental policy, and conflict minerals policy to promote Monozukuri craftsmanship that is friendly to both the environment and society.

[Quality policy]
"Economically, thoroughly, and promptly supplying customers the products that satisfy the quality they desire."

[Environmental policy]
Keeping in mind the beautiful and rich nature of Shinshu, Nihon Micron Co., Ltd. promotes business activities that take into account the influence on the local community and global environment, through our development, manufacture, and related services of electronic circuit boards.

[Conflict minerals policy]
We will strive to eliminate the use of mineral resources (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) related to conflicts and inhumane acts, such as human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, abuse, and war crimes in and around the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, JIS Q 9100(Equivalent to AS9100 EN9100) certified.

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