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Tsukasa is specialized in manufacturing

Since we were founded in 1955, we have realized customers’ desires by making full use of the technology cultivated in the manufacture of single to small lots of parts by can making, sheet metal, machining, and assembly of various units.

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Industrial combustion equipment
We have manufactured combustion equipment used in various fields, such as industrial combustion equipment, various industrial furnaces, petroleum refining reactors, cement refining kilns, and waste liquid/ exhaust gas incineration treatment. 
Depending on the product, hardfacing welding may be conducted to improve wear resistance.
Various industrial furnaces
We also manufacture various industrial furnaces, including forging furnaces. We also manufacture industrial burners. 
We offer can products and the internal lining of refractory materials through cooperation with partner companies.
Assembly of unit
We manufacture casings, tanks and pipes as single units, lay out them on a stand and carry out construction and inspection as required to deliver complete machinery and equipment using single parts.
Sanitary tank
We have produced many products using austenitic stainless steel (SUS304, 316, 310S). 
Above all, we continue to make containers of various shapes and finishes such as the tapered bottom, head plate bottom, jacket type, buffing, electrolytic polishing and so on for sanitary tanks and piping for food, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing sites that can demonstrate their corrosion resistance performance. Our products have received a favorable reception from customers.
On-site installation and plumbing
We also perform on-site installation and piping work for industrial combustion equipment, tanks, and units that we have manufactured. In particular, works in food factories must be completed hygienically within a short time so that construction management is very important. You can rely on us because of our abundant experience.
Pressure vessel
As for the production of pressure vessels, materials, processing, welding, structure, and inspection are stipulated in detail by pressure vessel structural standards and JISB8265. 
 We are a member of the Japan Boiler Association Kanagawa Branch and the national construction responsible person meeting, and always respond to customers' requests in total based on the latest information, including the preparation of application documents.
Special welding
Depending on the height of the contents such as pipes, damage of inside of the pipes increases. In that case, it is possible to improve the wear resistance by applying hardfacing. However, distortion occurs due to thermal effects because welding is performed on the metal surface. 
At our company, experienced craftsmen make appropriate corrections with minimum distortion.
Non-destructive inspection and regulatory inspection
Even if inspections are required during assembly due to internal structure, two Level 2 (Operation Chief Class) employees can perform the penetration inspection. Therefore, there is no need to stop work, which leads to shortened delivery times. 
A partner company nearby can conduct non-destructive inspections such as radiation transmission inspection, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic inspection. 
We can also handle the production of legal products such as fire inspections and pressure vessels.
We develop technology by ourselves and respond flexibly to your own development. 
We have enabled projects of cost reduction, energy-saving and production that used to be impossible from a different angle. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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