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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:42

Kawabe Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

We excel at plastic molding trial manufacturing

We improve operating efficiency by integrating information in a group to reduce customer effort and shorten turnaround times from development to production.

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Business description and overview of products and technology
Business description and features of business
We manufacture and sell plastic molded products, assembled products, molds, and inspection jigs, and perform 3D printer modeling. We develop and produce high-precision molded gears. We established a method for measuring fitting in mass production. Our resin parts include electrical parts, large-diameter high-precision gears, internal gears, staggered flange pulleys, machined resin products, and internal mechanism parts for OA equipment. We are also promoting overseas development. We provide and transfer molds and molded products to other Asian countries, and we make use of our unique knowhow to provide support for highly efficient manufacturing of high-quality products. We establish our own procurement routes for materials and thoroughly manage sites to achieve cost performance that can be competitive with Chinese companies.
Overview of main products and technology
We make use of 3D CAD to target rapid and precise design of products and molds. We propose designs for efficient molds based on flow analysis (AMI) in the area of flow analysis and 3D printers. We effectively use 3D printers to achieve consultation for product structures using realistic designs, trial manufacturing using machined products, manufacturing of samples, and specific and detailed planning. We provide high-quality molds for molding in short turnaround times by making use of various types of NC equipment such as high-speed CNC machining equipment and wire cut EDM machines.
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Our company has specialized in molding and processing since its foundation in 1952. We started to use thermoplastic resin such as polyacetal early on when thermosetting resins such as phenol, urea, and melamine were mainly used as raw materials. We have innovated technology at all times as a solution-oriented company by using resin pressing products instead of metal pressing products and other means. We have also developed and produced high-precision molded gears and established a method for measuring fitting in mass production. We have earned a good reputation from our customers, who know our company as a byword for technology.

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