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“We contribute to the development of industrial electronics with interface equipment that connects humans and machines, thereby contributing to society.”

We are a specialized trading company providing solutions with control equipment, electronics parts and IoT products.
The IT and systems environments in and around our customers’ businesses have been changing at a dizzying pace. While these environmental changes have some benefits, various issues are also expected to arise. TAKAGI makes efforts to thoroughly understand customers’ issues and provides them with various proposals and support to solve those issues.

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Business field
From the field of industrial electronics to the fields that touch people’s lives
Interface equipment that connect human and machines, such as control equipment, electronic parts, industrial computer-related equipment, drive equipment and control systems, have a wide range of applications, and the business areas of TAKAGI, ranging from industrial electronics to areas relevant to our daily lives, are expanding.
[Semiconductor/FPD manufacturing machines]
 Takagi Shokai has a range of achievements in delivering for various devices used to manufacture semiconductors, which support the foundation of the industry. It is one of the fields we are most adept at.
[Measurement/physicochemical equipment/inspection devices]
 We have made various achievements in delivering a variety of measurement tools, beginning with electric measuring equipment, which is sometimes referred to as “the mother industrial tool.”
[Medical equipment]
 We have a substantial track record in deliveries, primarily of devices that conform to standards for medical equipment.
 We have a substantial track record in deliveries to railroad signal maintenance systems, railroad operation management systems, monitoring equipment systems, railroad station platform safety systems and station work systems.
[Machine tools and processing machines]
 We provide solutions to issues concerning accurate and efficient production of complex precision parts.
[Social infrastructure]
 We solve issues concerning devices that support infrastructure such as electricity, gas, water supply, communication network equipment and building maintenance.
[Food, drugs, cosmetics, packaging machines]
 We offer proposals to accommodate requests such as improving productivity and quality in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, visualization at production sites, and addressing safety and environmental issues.
[Logistic/transportation equipment]
 We provide solutions to support storage, sorting, picking, safe operation of transport equipment and labor saving.
[Amusement equipment]
 We provide solutions to meet the requests on a diverse types of amusement equipment, which are increasingly complex.
Takagi Co., Ltd.’s strengths
Problem-solving abilities 
We will solve our customers’ problems with optimal proposals.
• Problem-solving proposals
 We proactively make proposals to solve issues identified by fully understanding our customers’ problems.
• Touring exhibition
 Suppliers and customers will visit the designated location, and provide an opportunity for comparing products and/or VA/VE proposals.
• Technical seminars
 Based on verification achievements regarding various products, optimal hardware and software are selected to provide systems under multivendor environments.
Support power 
[Interface connecting our customers with suppliers]
At each of our 17 sales offices, we provide a customer information window. Our sales reps and/or assistant sales reps will take care of inquiries about delivery dates, quotations, and merchandize selection. In addition to ensuring the product distribution with more than 1,000 suppliers, we cooperate with our customers in achieving the integration of purchasing windows.
Technical capabilities
[Provision of technical support, including solutions]
Aside from sales representatives specifically assigned to each customer, we have four teams of dedicated support specialists, organized according to the solutions to address customers’ problems. Specialists in their respective fields closely coordinate with the sales representatives and suppliers to understand the core of customers’ issues, and lead them to a solution with an optimal proposals.
• Electronic solutions
 We provide proposals for addressing issues regarding electronic parts, such as connectors, fuses, power sources, touch panels, and displays.
• Control solutions
 Total proposals for VA/VE centering on HMI, connecting devices and control equipment.
• IT solutions
 Issue-solving proposals using systems combining personal computers for industrial use, board-related products and network/wireless-related products.
• Drive solutions
 Total proposals for drive solutions, including servomotors and inverters.
Logistics function
[Speeding up logistics operations and responding to quality issues]
To meet delivery dates requested by our customers, we have an inventory of more than 7,000 models and we respond in real time to their inquiries about inventory and shipment by connecting local sales offices to the logistics center in Tokyo through our network.
We systematized the series of operations using barcodes, from automatic reception of products through barcodes using EDI connection with suppliers, sorting management by placement of goods on shelves, and retrieval of products from shelves to shipment.
Expectations for matching
We currently focus on “IoT” and “FA” solutions. We ask for proposals about unique technologies and products that lead to new added value for our customers.

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