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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:54

360, Inc.

We invite you to promote yourself to the world with digital maps and recorded virtual reality

We promote shops, companies, and tourist spots with map engine optimization (MEO) and recorded virtual reality.

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[Map-de-Up] Optimizing digital map information about companies, shops, and tourist spots
We were awarded a 2019 prize at the Tokyo-sponsored Competition of Advertisers to the World
The Service Department of the Tokyo-sponsored Competition of Advertisers to the World decided to grant an award to our Map-de-Up service for optimizing digital map information about companies and shops.

The award reception event was at the Industrial Exchange Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight on November 13-15, 2019. We looked forward to visits there and at our booth as well.
Cost-effective promotion measures for attracting visitors to your shop and public relations for your company

With the spread of smartphones, maps like Google Maps and Apple Maps are now used by more than 30 million people a month in Japan alone.

The information that can be posted on digital maps covers a wide range. Google Maps is the map medium used by the most visitors. It contains product and service information, and also photos, videos, and recorded virtual reality. Companies are beginning to use this to introduce themselves, while shops and tourist spots are beginning to use this to attract visitors.

An initial membership fee is all that is required to sign up for our Map-de-Up service. This provides cost-effective promotion measures. Please do not hesitate to attract visitors to your shop or tourist spot and to conduct public relations about your company.
Compatible with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other maps
Our Map-de-Up service is compatible with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other maps. 

The service helps you attract more customers and be more effective in your public relations over a long term. It also costs far less than when producing a website of your own.

We have a track record of deliveries to general companies, and also to high-class Japanese restaurants, recreational facilities, gyms, translation agencies, certified tax accountant offices, malls, tourist spots, and various other segments.

Please do not hesitate to consult us if you have not yet optimized your digital map information. We can give you a free copy of the booklet "Basic Knowledge of Digital Map Information" if you place an order with us now.
[Promotion with VR] A one-stop service with recorded 360-degree virtual reality
We provide users around the world with simulated experiences
Planar imagery so far has managed to provide imagery from the photographer's viewpoint alone, but 360-degree virtual reality can look around 360 degrees. This gives viewers a simulated experience of the atmosphere and realistic feel of a venue.

- Showcases factories, equipment, and the atmosphere of corporate premises
- Promotes views of scenic spots
- Virtual tours of schools
- Simulated experience of disasters and incidents

Virtual reality can be used in a wide variety of ways with these and other options.
Virtual reality can be used to present company profiles and tourist information, supporting narration and subtitles in different languages
We can provide you with narrators speaking in English, Chinese, Korean, and other languages. Of course we can insert subtitles in your virtual reality space as well.

You can use narration and subtitles to guide viewers regarding where to look. This can make your VR imagery easy to understand. Please use VR in your corporate profile presentation, tourist information, and for other purposes.

The following is a VR image of Shibamata, Katsushika, Tokyo that we planned and produced.
*The imagery will be open for a limited period.
Google Maps, YouTube, and Facebook are also compatible with 360-degree VR
Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, and other frequently accessed Internet services are steadily making themselves compatible with VR. 

VR is a medium where viewers can feel free to look around. It is driving a shift from the age of video viewing to the age of simulated experience.

Accessing Google Maps, YouTube, or Facebook costs you nothing in your usual operations.





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