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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:52

Hagiwara Keizou CO.,LTD.

Established in 1955. We collect, carefully select, and sell minor grains and rice.

We are a wholesaler of wheat, beans, buckwheat, rice, and other crops grown with care by farmers throughout Hokkaido, We collect, carefully select, and manufacture these grains, then sell them to food manufacturers throughout Japan. Hokkaido accounts for a quarter of all arable land in Japan. It is our job to deliver safe and secure agricultural products produced in Hokkaido to people all over Japan, and we work hard every day with pride.

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Business contents
Wholesaling of minor grains
We carefully select and prepare beans, wheat, buckwheat, rice, and other minor grains collected from all over Hokkaido.
These products are sorted and prepared according to various needs such as boiled beans, fermented soybeans, tofu, miso, bean paste, and so on, and delivered to food manufacturers throughout Japan.
[Purchasing Department for purchasing harvested products]
This department is responsible for purchasing agricultural products grown with care by producers from all over Hokkaido.
Throughout the process of contracting and collecting crops, we strive to build a close relationship with the producers.
[Sales Department for selling carefully selected products]
This department sells products that have been sorted, prepared, and processed by the Production Department to food manufacturers.
This department handles product sales, and also plays an important role in connecting producers and food manufacturers.
[Production Department for adjusting harvested products]
This department sorts, prepares, and processes agricultural products purchased by the Purchasing Department.
The department assesses the quality of the purchased agricultural products and sorts and prepares them according to the wishes of each food manufacturer, with the aim of creating safe and secure products.
Rice retail sales
Many field crops are grown in the Tokachi area, but there are no paddy fields. However, there are many wonderful paddy field areas in Hokkaido. This business was started by our company president, who wanted the people of Tokachi to be able to eat safe and delicious Hokkaido rice at an affordable price.
The brown rice is milled on the spot. We provide fresh rice from Hokkaido to local people.