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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:23

Bay Line Ltd.

We provide battery regeneration (forklift and other industrial batteries)

You can pass on replacement with new batteries. 
The usage period after regeneration is almost equal to 80%.

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Sales Pitch

We contribute to your company (person in charge) by reducing costs.
A period of one week to around 10 days is required.
Using it means that it may lose power, but you can prolong the service life with this technology. If you feel that a product has become weaker and the fluid has been reducing more quickly, it is necessary to take action immediately. The product will return to its original form with a budget of a third to a quarter of the price of a new product. The life after taking action is the same as before or increases up to 80%. Some products cannot be recovered. (There are other causes, and products have a service life span.)
Battery burnout caused by inadequate fluid occurs frequently.
A battery often burns out due to forgetting to add fluid (distilled water). You need to buy a new product if a battery becomes unusable due to burnout. The product does not recover even if you refill it in a hurry.
Greater cost reduction is achieved as the number of units increases.
A person in charge of materials in a factory who was the first to adopt this technology was later selected as the factory manager. This story tell us that many people are interested in cost reduction. This is a true story from Fuji City. You do not need to put up with it any more. Please use this technology immediately. You should act quickly. How many units are you using? 

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