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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:18

Design Office See Co., Ltd.

We want to create what customers want

We design and develop a wide variety of software and hardware in fields from industrial control boxes to personal software. Our product lineup includes the Sarubobo Alarm, which detects and notifies people of the danger of natural disasters, and the Mopi sequence photo processing service.

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Sales Pitch

We address issues that cannot be solved with existing equipment and modules
Our Sarubobo Alarm detects and notifies people of the danger of natural disasters
Our Sarubobo Alarm is equipped with sensors for tilt, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in a compact housing, and it transmits data using a mobile phone line. This alarm operates on self-power with solar cells and storage batteries. Protection performance is approximately IP65. 
An optional rain gauge, wind direction anemometer, and so on can be connected. 

[Advantages of products]
This product provides early detection of slope changes and the risk of earth and sand disasters. 
This product can be installed by anyone and can monitor temperature, humidity, ground inclination, and so on wherever mobile phone radio waves can reach. The alarm operates on self-power with solar cells and storage batteries so you can use this product anywhere. 
It is also possible to connect with weather equipment such as an anemometer and rain gauge as an option. You can add functions to detect abnormalities and notify the installer by e-mail or activate the alarm at the site. 

[Delivery track record]
- Electric power company on-site verification is planned
- Railway company on-site verification is planned
- Prototype for a sensor manufacturer has been delivered

[Assumed applications]
- Individuals who have dangerous places near home
- Agricultural operators with remote farms and fields
- Livestock farmers with livestock barns in remote areas
- Infrastructure operators who require maintenance of slopes and structures
- Tourists who are worried about access roads
- School and event planning and management industries that want to take measures against heatstroke during outdoor work and events
Continuous photo Mopi for connected movement and visible orbit
A continuous photograph is generated by combining images taken with a digital camera or the like using image processing technology. You can print it out in about 30 seconds after shooting. 

[Advantages of products]
From shooting to composition, printout, and Web linking can be performed automatically. Processing can be performed by a small number of people and in a short time. 

[Delivery track record]
This product is mainly used for leisure purposes at ski resorts and theme parks. We sell several thousand copies per year for analysis of form at sports sites and commemoration of participation in competitions. 

[Assumed applications]
- Leisure
- Commemorative photos during sports
- Motion analysis security
- Path analysis machine design
- Interference measurement
Contract development 
We make what you want to create. We provide one-stop technical services that satisfy your needs by making use of the know-how we have cultivated to date to solve many issues that cannot be solved with existing equipment and modules.

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