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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:47:59

Strasse Co.,Ltd.

A system for visualizing field work of distribution. 

We started in the production and sale of security-related products. Today, we have expanded into development and design for products used in a variety of fields.  We are engaged in projects that change the nature of on-site work through systems such as the “Visual POS Monitoring System” for retail and the “Visual Factracer,” a work instruction linking system for improving on-site logistics work. 

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Providing solutions with security technology
Interlock with system log/journal linked video search system
Visual POS Monitoring
Links text data that is generated (saved) on a timeline with a video.

Searching for video data that has been filmed by a security camera that runs 24/7, from the time of the occurrence of a crime or an accident, is easy. However, looking through the footage to verify whether a crime or an accident occurred is time consuming. 

Therefore, our company has focused on the digital system log data that is generated by various digital devices and has developed a system where the required footage can be instantly found by linking the timeline of the log data and the video.  Moreover, it enables remote, online batch control of the video as it is networked. 

[Application examples]
1. Entrance/exit control
By retrieving an ID generated by an ID card reader and the name of a person, the system can instantly display footage of a person entering and leaving a room. 

2. Merchandise control 
The ability to search for keywords such as a product name, which is shown when the barcode is scanned each time the product is brought in and out of the storage, its product code, or its handler, makes it possible to instantly track if an item has physically been transported out of the storage, check stock levels, and inspect the product. 

3. Operation control 
Monitoring the logs and video from a factory or control panel makes it possible to record who has performed what type of operation and when, enabling better examination of work efficiency and quick discovery of operational anomalies in case of any issues. 

4. Customer service management
Recording video and audio to manage insurance and security accountabilities makes it possible to quickly examine client complaints.

5. Management of unmanned stores and self-service
Video allows quickly checking the device issues or damages in vending machines and self-service stands. 
Visual Factracer
Search video for instant cueing A video search system in which search can be performed through operating logs. 

Our “Visual Factracer” video search system enables the visualization of working conditions in distribution and production sites to enable improvements to the working environment.  Its main feature is the ability to determine and display a section of a video that you are looking for with a simple keyword or operating log search.  It can verify the actions and speech of staff from various perspectives, such as time and operating conditions. This implies that it can also contribute to, for instance, the accuracy of personnel ratings. As an example with respect to distribution, when an incorrect order arrives, the mistake can be traced to the point of pickup.  In production sites, when there is a defective product, the footage from the moment of its production can be checked just by typing in the production number.  It will contribute to the improvement of labor conditions and the optimization of work. 
Sales management/analysis system
Selling price control
Management of available product category and selling price of the products It predicts how many pieces will be sold at each price to determine the sales pricing.  In the case of chain stores, the sales price is instructed by the buyer. 

Inventory management 
Allows appropriate management of inventory.  It is difficult to manage an inventory level that will not lead to either excessive stock or product shortages.  We can increase or decrease the number of orders in line with sales forecasts and sales trends to maintain appropriate inventory.

Display management
Displays that increase sales.  Displays for products that catch the customers' eye, stop their activities, make them pick up the product to check it, and put it in their shopping baskets. 

It comes with a real time monitoring function, and it is possible to search through the recorded video. 
It can be used for many purposes, including store management and as a security system.  We also offer proposals for the ideal camera for your type of installation. 




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