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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:47:59

Ujiie Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Our company produces and sells the “Good Cutter” biaxial shear crusher, which uses our original irregular twisted blade.  Twisted blades bite in well and are capable of crushing with low torque.  We have delivered more than 1500 machines, mostly to customers in recycling market. They are used to crush a variety of waste, including chips, circuit boards, pruned branches, tatami, and futon.  We can customize our machines based on the processing amount and crushing size that you require. 

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Crusher: “Good Cutter”
What is “Good Cutter”?
Our “Good Cutter” is a small crusher that can be installed anywhere.  It uses a built-in irregular twisted blade with angled blades that make cutting and crushing easier.  In addition, being a biaxial type allows it to operate with a low torque and low noise.  Crushing and reducing the volume of chips (machining waste) can reduce waste disposal costs. Therefore, this product is recommended for users of NC lathes and other machine tools or for the purpose of retrieving rare metal from discarded circuit boards. 
Product characteristics
Our Good Cutter crusher is a biaxial-type shear crusher. 
Its “Yo-Cutter” innovative irregular twisted blade is produced by applying heat treatment to special steel to provide it with wear resistance and toughness.
Twisted blades bite in well and are capable of crushing with low torque. 
As it produces little noise or vibration, it can be installed anywhere. 
It has an automatic reverse function, automatic recovery function, and an emergency stop function when uncrushable objects enters the device. 
It can be operated easily, reliably, and safely by turning its switch on and off. 
It offers easy maintenance and conservation. 
It is used to shear crush metallic and nonmetallic chips (machining waste) that is generated through machine tools such as MC, NC lathes, and milling machines to reduce their volume and simplify their transportation and processing. 

It is used in the pre-processing of mobile phones and circuit boards (printed circuit boards, IC circuit boards) that are no longer used and are due to be recycled, in what is referred to as “urban mining.” 

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