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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:48

TAKEUCHI Industrial Inc.

We produce a million jacks per year exclusively for Toyota Motor

We manufacture automotive jacks. We contribute to society by developing parts following the concept of safety and resource conservation, such as various products for communications and civil engineering works, steering parts, and so on. This is based on our track record and technical expertise cultivated as a top manufacturer of automotive jacks.

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Sales Pitch

We produce two types of jacks: screw jacks and pantograph jacks. They are used as equipment for vehicles.

Brown-colored jacks are our company's identity. We carry out all processes from design to manufacturing in Japan.

Screw jacks
Our screw jacks can be used in small spaces. These are epoch-making devices in the industry, which we developed so that all stages can be extended in three stages to increase the degree of extension.

Pantograph jacks
In general, with pantograph jacks the load increases as the load-bearing part gets higher. However, our mechanism is characterized by its ability to relatively relieve the jack of some of its operating force, so these jacks are used in both freight/passenger combination vehicles and passenger cars.
We manufacture 1.5-ton pantograph jacks, which are installed in large minivans and similar vehicles.
Steering wheel parts
We make use of our know-how for manufacturing steering wheel parts to satisfy our customers with high-precision forming (plastic forming) and cutting (broaching) of pipe drawing, tube expansion, involute spline, and involute serration internal diameter gears.

Product overview
These pipes are used in automobile steering wheels, and have two functions: vertical slide adjustment of the steering wheel and rotation transmission.
They are also registered as important safety parts that directly affect human life.

User advantages
By switching from conventional cutting to plastic forming, we have been able to drastically cut the amount of chips generated from machining, which reduces costs and conserves resources. 
Wireless power supplies
The future of wireless power supplies

From plug-in types for chargers for electrical vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs), to hands-free types that are safe and reliable as well as trouble-free even on rainy days.
You'll be able to start charging your car right away once you have parked it at home, at a movie theater, or in a mall parking lot.

Wireless charging is recommended even for shorter distances
Cable-free and totally waterproof performance is possible. You can make familiar devices wireless to open up a limitless range of possibilities. 
Photo: 3W type, distance 2 mm
*We will be expanding our range to include compact sizes and various other options.

Wireless power supply even for high power capacity and at a distance
It is possible to supply power safely, securely, and conveniently even to places where you want to keep a distance, and even at high power. A 150 mm 5 kW type is now under development.
*You can also select the shape you like according to your use.

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