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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:20

KOHKEN Co., Ltd.

We apply our unique proprietary technology to achieve the products that people want

We satisfy customer needs with a unique alumite processing technology that can be selected from a wide variety of colors. We have a track record of processing colored anodic oxidation coatings and duralumin (A2017/A7075) anodized aluminum. We can offer laser marking.

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Sales Pitch

We provide total support for our customers’ Monozukuri craftsmanship
We satisfy customer needs with a wide variety of colors.
■ Decorating aluminum with color variations including 17 colors of general anodized plus 6 colors of hard anodized aluminum

We offer vibrant and glossy colored anodized aluminum that is unique to our company. We realize original products that are not found in other companies' products with color variations of 17 colors so you can choose from a total of 23 colors plus 6 colors of hard anodized aluminum. We can process the following types of aluminum: A1000, A2000, A5000, A6000, and A7000. We adjust finishing specifications such as matting and gloss. We handle pre-processing such as masking, blasting, and buffing, and post-processing such as laser marking. 
Processing size is up to 500mm × 1,500mm × 750mm.
We support corporate branding with high-quality surface treatment
[Advantages of our products]
Anodized aluminum is a surface treatment used for various purposes, such as coloring aluminum for prevention of rust as well as decoration. Color variations of 17 colors of general colored anodized aluminum and 6 colors of hard-anodized aluminum contribute to added value for business partners and contribute to expanding market share. We are waiting for orders from precision part processing companies, manufacturers who want to increase color variations, and companies and manufacturers who want to enhance their brand power with high-quality surface treatment. We have the know-how of coloring anodized hard anodized aluminum and anodizing duralumin (A2017/A7075), which are generally considered unsuitable. We are trying to differentiate ourselves from other companies with our products. Our company is often requested to repair defective products made by other companies because of our extensive experience in re-anodizing. 

[Delivery track record]
Appearance products such as optics and physicochemical equipment, stationery, fishing gear, hobby products, after-sales parts for automobiles, and after-sales parts for motorcycles.
Examples of general, colored, and hard anodized aluminum
We welcome orders from single pieces to mass-produced goods, orders for glossing and matting, orders for same-day finishing, and orders for laser engraving. 

[Advantages of products]
Extensive color variations of all 23 colors

[Delivery track record]
Manufacturers, processors, retailers and services (motorcycle shops, fishing shops, toy shops, golf club shops, bicycle shops, etc.) and various aluminum-related products and companies. 

- Industrial products (sheet metal, machining, cutting) 
- Motorcycle industry 
- Stationery industry 
- Fishing equipment industry 
- Automobile industry 
- Radio control 
- Mini 4WD 
- Model guns 
- Bicycles 
- Inspection equipment (laboratory) 
- Building materials 
- Beauty equipment 
- Pipes 
- Golf clubs 
- Skis 
- Skating 
- Soccer ball stands 
- Cameras 
- Optical equipment 
- Roasting machines 
- Outdoor equipment 
- Tableware 
- Musical instruments 
- Furniture 
- Glasses 
- Drones

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