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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:12

MTI.Network Co., Ltd.

We provide technology services to support the digitalization of monozukuri craftsmanship.

Based on the processing technology, evaluation technology, and digital technology that we have cultivated over many years, we provide one-stop services for the “reverse engineering,” “prototyping/processing,” and “evaluation/experimentation,” that supports the digitization of manufacturing.

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One-stop service for reverse engineering to trial manufacturing/processing to evaluation/experiments
Reverse engineering service
We perform modeling by first using X-ray CT devices or 3D scanners to acquire the shape-data for the inside and outside of an object.
Further, through precise measurements using coordinate measuring machines and shape-measuring instruments, we are capable of performing reverse engineering with high repeatability.
Prototype/processing service
As we have a track record of using various methods to process wide-ranging materials and shapes, we can propose processing methods (3D printing, resin molding, and cutting) that suit the customer’s goals.
Our 3D printing service supports not only resin materials (*fiber reinforced plastics are also available) but also metal. For resin molding, CAE analyses such as resin flow analysis allows us to optimize mold production and molding conditions.
Evaluation/experiment service
In addition to dimensional measurement/analysis and physical property evaluations, we can also conduct special experiments using actual parts.
While our company owns a fair amount of evaluation equipment, our group company owns more than 200 types of equipment, which we are able to use to perform a variety of evaluations and experiments.
Additionally, it is sometimes necessary to create special jigs and testers depending on the component or the conditions. We also provide design and manufacturing for these special jigs and testers.

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