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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:01

TechEight Co.,Ltd.

We propose new design expressions through our skill in plastic part production, laser processing and inkjet printing. 

By combining inkjet printing technology with the laser marking technology that we developed in the production and sales of plastic parts for game machines, and applying this new method to metal and wood, our company offers new forms of design expression.  Moreover, we are engaged in collaboration projects, and by combining several techniques, we have been able to create new design proposals for decoration on high-end audio and sports equipment. 

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Five-axis controlled laser marking, which enables printing on 3D shapes and difficult shapes.
“Laser marking anywhere’ Contract processing
Five-axis controlled laser processing enables printing on three-dimensional and difficult shapes.

Laser processing is a technology that can be used to mark a desired design on a surface through surface improvement. There are high expectations for this technology, particularly in applications such as using indelible marking to print QR codes or informational text on devices/equipment in the chemical industry. Our service will apply laser marking on a designated spot of already finished devices/equpment using our five-axis 3D laser-processing machine. Printing on your existing products allows you to add descriptions to them and make them more suitable for use in your system.
Product strengths
Printing with laser marking does not require a printing plate, and printing directly from printing data made in CAD is possible. Thus, it is highly suitable for printing on small lot productions of less than 1000 pieces or the display of unique numbers such as traceable numbers.  Moreover, our original five-axis 3D laser marking can print on devices and tools that are already in use, which makes it possible to make the devices and tools compatible with new systems without purchasing replacements. 
We conduct laser processing, including laser printing of product names and lot numbers on medical equipment, laser printing of QR codes and control numbers on magazines for semiconductor production, laser printing of information such as control numbers on special screws and special cables, and decorative laser processing such as laser peeling of deposited aluminum on vehicle headlights or the displays of in-vehicle panels. 
We expect demand for printed QR codes and text information on equipment/devices that are already circulating in the market or in use in the medical field and which will require individual identification and control in future, as well as in the automobile and semiconductor fields, where traceability is required. 

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