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Creating the Future with Adhesion Technology

Our company is a manufacturer of clothing materials and industrial materials and has the largest share of the domestic market for wool interlining used in jackets. We have expanded our adhesive and interlining processing technologies into a wide range of fields, including automotive interior materials. Currently, we are aggressively expanding the business overseas by taking advantage of our high value-added products made in Japan.

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Bonding and Lamination Processing
This is a process in which two or more materials, such as fabric or film, are bonded together using special technology on one side or both sides to add new functions and value not possible with a single material. It applies to delicate materials that were difficult to bond with conventional methods. We will propose a suitable construction method for you from two types: thermoplastic sheet type and glue type.

1. Thermoplastic sheet type is a flatbed type lamination process using Fusec.
2. Glue type is a lamination process that uses hot-melt adhesive.
BX Series Leather Lining Material
Leather materials derived from animals naturally differ in physical properties depending on the body part and the individual animal, so there are often variations in the elongation of leather. After many years of use, they can sag or become damaged, especially in easily stretched areas. One solution to this problem is to reinforce it with our BX series leather backing material, enhancing the design and durability. The material can be used on both leather and fabric.
Dot Processing
The method involves applying synthetic resin to the entire fabric in a dot-like pattern.
Features: The fineness of the dots made by the hot-melt type adhesive can be changed, thereby adjusting the elongation and texture as you like.
Materials: Wool, cotton, rayon, nylon, polyester, and others.



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