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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:57

Zerocon Co.,Ltd.

Development of technology and products for window glass heat shielding

We are the exclusive distributor of Zerocoat, a thermal barrier coating for glass with top-level heat shielding performance.

We have recently started to sell Zero Sheet, a thermal barrier insulating sheet for window glass that is based on Zerocoat technology, which is easy to apply and peel off with DIY work. In addition, you can also expect it to guard against shattering due to flying objects in a typhoon or the like.

Since it can be applied and peeled off with DIY work, this product can be used in homes, shops, offices, and rental properties.

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Zerosheet shatterproof thermal barrier sheeting for window glass
Zerosheet is a self-adhesive transparent thermal barrier sheet developed by thermal barrier professionals, and can be easily attached using water. 

There is no glue attached to the sheet, so you can adjust the adhesion position as many times as you like, and you can easily remove water and air caught between the sheet and the base.

When you want to remove it, you can peel it off from the edge of the sheet. It can be peeled off neatly with no glue residue, so you can use it with peace of mind even in rental properties. 

In summer, it blocks about 99% of incoming UV rays that cause skin discoloration and freckles, as well as sun damage to flooring and curtains. Zerosheet also blocks about 70% of the penetration of near-infrared rays, which cause the tingling sensation that penetrates the skin and causes people to feel hot. This can be expected to reduce the temperature rise on the indoor side of the window glass by about 10 degrees.

The sheet can also protect window glass from breaking and scattering due to flying objects blown by a typhoon or the like.

Zerosheet can be used for a long period of time, and lasts for seven years as a guideline for replacement. (It may need to be replaced earlier depending on the use environment.) 
Zerocoat (ZC 2000) shielding coating for window glass
Zerocoat has a high visible light transmittance of over 75%. Glass treated with Zerocoat remains beautifully transparent in homes, shops, offices, and other buildings.

While allowing light to pass through, the coating blocks about 90% of the near-infrared wavelengths that make people feel hottest, and about 97% of UV rays, which cause skin discoloration and freckles.

The coating also cuts out about 90% of near-infrared rays, which cause a tingling sensation on the skin and make people feel hot, and suppresses the temperature rise near window glass by five to ten degrees. With this, you can expect energy saving of 20 to 30% by improving the setting temperature of air conditioning.

In addition to domestic properties, this product is also used in overseas hotels and international airports.
Zerocoat (ZC 1000) inorganic water-repellent glass coating
Zerocoat ZC 1000 is an oxidation-resistant coating consisting of a glassy coating that does not contain mineral oil-based solvents or other oxidizing substances often contained in car body coatings.

It is a one-component glass-film-forming type coating agent, which hardens integrally with the base coating.

Moreover, it does not contain any VOCs, and after hardening, it conforms to the Food Sanitation Act.

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