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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:53

FISA Co.,Ltd.

Hot runner molding equipment, LIM molding equipment, and static electricity eliminators

Our products include hot runner equipment for molding plastics used in home appliances and automotive parts, LIM molding equipment, and static electricity eliminators. We provide reliable products based on our refined technology, reliability, and rational production system.

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We can help you with static-electricity-related problems and countermeasures in various fields
PLAGATE System hot runner molding system
Our company’s unique gate opening/closing system powered by resin pressure and springs

The PLAGATE Nozzle NH mold is incorporated into thermoplastic resin injection molds for use.  This is a hot runner system that enables molding without unnecessary sprues or runners. The nozzle mechanism is our company’s unique valve-gate system that automatically opens and closes the gate using resin pressure as the power source, without the use of an external drive unit.
SIMGATE System liquid silicone rubber molding system
A burr-free, runner-less injection molding system for liquid silicone rubber

This system is incorporated into an injection mold for liquid silicone rubber for use. It makes use of our company's unique valve system to securely shut off the gate. It is ideal for high-cycle, vertical, and insert molding.
ION BLADE static electricity eliminator
Our ION BLADE F2 series comes in two types: one in which the discharge blade and blade module are separate, and another on which they are integrated. Each has three different discharge blade lengths. We recommend the integrated type for installations where there is relatively enough space, and the separate type for locations where the space is too small to install the integrated type. We also offer products custom-made from scratch based on the customer's requirements.

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