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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:21

Toshin-Battery Industry Co., Ltd.

We contribute to social development and people's lives

We offer a revolutionary coating agent that has been approved by the US government and military for a wide range of applications. These include shock resistance, blast resistance, rust prevention, corrosion protection, soundproofing, abrasion resistance, and fungus propagation control.

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We make use of advanced technologies to create a society that is safe and environmentally friendly
LINE-X business
LINE-X is a compound with polyurea as the main component, and mainly composed of urea bonds formed by the chemical reaction between isocyanate and amine groups. It is the only high-purity polyurea that is said to be difficult to manufacture, and this is a revolutionary coating agent that demonstrates toughness. 

This product is the only such product approved by the U.S. government and military. It offers good performance in shock resistance, blast resistance, rust prevention, corrosion protection, soundproofing, abrasion resistance, and control of the propagation of fungus. 
Coating using LINE-X enhances disaster prevention functions, countermeasures against terrorism, and extension of infrastructure life. 
In terms of durability LINE-X has excellent tensile strength due to its special composition, so LINE-X has shape memory ability and the ability to withstand strong impacts. 

It can be applied as a spray to any target materials such as metal, concrete, aluminum, resin, wood, and ground. This product is safe for humans and the environment because it does not generate VOCs (organic compounds). It is also used in water storage tanks, hospitals, and food processing facilities. 

We have a system where only trained and certified engineers can perform spraying to provide stable quality. 

[Benefits of introduction]
LINE-X is a high-purity polyurea. 
Many polyurea products have coatings that last about 5 to 15 years, but LINE-X has strong adhesion to the material itself. LINE-X is extremely slow in the aging of the coating film compared to other products and provides durability of more than 20 years. 
The curing time is short, so the construction period can be shortened compared to conventional methods. 
Japan has many natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, and tornadoes. 
LINE-X demonstrates impact resistance and abrasion resistance due to its strong tensile performance and greatly contributes to the prevention of large-scale natural disasters and accidents. This includes prevention of peeling of concrete, resistance to tsunamis, resistance to tornados, and disaster mitigation. 
LINE-X is a high-performance coating with various features including high durability waterproofing, rust prevention, corrosion protection, resistance to abrasion, resistance to salt, resistance to chemicals, anti-slipping, and control of the propagation of fungus. 
We prevent deterioration of infrastructure and assets and realize high durability and long life. 

[Delivery track record]
- Road equipment (highway tunnels, viaducts)
- Floors of electric power companies (nuclear power plants, substations, etc.) and factories and so on. 
- Prevention of peeling of concrete and improvement of durability. 
- Reinforcement of road-related equipment and weed control
- Truck beds (floor curing, measures to reduce tonnage)

[Assumed applications]
- Civil engineering, general manufacturing (including food), floors of factories
- Electric power companies and their related companies, harbor-related companies (salinity countermeasures) and so on
* LINE-X can be used in various industries.
Power supply system business
[Emergency power supply]
- This is an emergency power supply that addresses the importance of infrastructure facilities such as water treatment facilities. 
- This is a backup power supply for power supply facilities that are indispensable for daily life. 

[Industrial storage batteries]
- We provide stable power supplies to lighting and other equipment in the event of a power outage in building facilities. 
- Power is supplied to communications facilities by storage batteries for communications information that must not be interrupted. 

[Solar power system]
- This system converts natural energy into electricity. This system creates clean energy without emitting carbon dioxide, which causes global warming. This system also plays an active role as a power supply for disaster prevention. 

[Maintenance of conservation work]
- We provide the highest level of security and safety quality supported by engineers.
Automotive electronics business
- We consider the environment and aim to be a specialist familiar with overall technology from diagnosis to maintenance

■ Sales and installation of welfare vehicles
We sell and install equipment for getting into and out of vehicles, driving support equipment, and supplies for providing the pleasure of driving for everyone. 

- Win chair
- HIACE with multi-seat arrangement
- AP drive
- Turn knob
- Left accelerator (organ type)

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