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Institute of Man and Science Inc.

World-level biological information analysis technology 

Ken Tobioka, the Founder and Laboratory Manager, graduated from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Tokyo, and worked at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science. He was involved in the launch and research of rockets as well as artificial satellites to which the University is related. He then became an academic advisor of the Japan Wellness Association (an incorporated foundation) and actively researched medical engineering related to health and presymptomatic diseases. He engaged in the examination and research of society, economy, politics, culture, technology, and medical care. Now, he is researching and developing biological sensors in earnest.

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Sales Pitch

By utilizing cutting-edge sensing technology, we meet the needs, related to stress analysis, sleep analysis, etc., of companies.
BIT, a cutting-edge ultra-small wearable biological sensor
BIT is a wearable biological sensor uniquely developed by our company. 
(1) Electrocardiograph (ECG) *1
(2) Dermotherm (infrared temperature sensor)
(3) Three-axis acceleration sensor *2
*1: The electrocardiograph measures electric potential difference in the heart 125 times in a minute.
*2: SUPER-BIT incorporates a nine-axis sensor (three-axis acceleration sensor, three-axis gyro sensor, and three-axis compass).
Characteristics of BIT
1. Ultra-small and lightweight wearable sensor 
2. Excellent S/N ratios and clear electrocardiogram waveforms
3. Extremely low power consumption -> Continuously usable for many hours
BITAS, analysis software for analyzing algorithms based on the knowledge of medical engineering
BITAS is software, uniquely developed by us, for analyzing biological information.
1. Grasping health conditions (for body health)
-Abnormal cardiac rhythm (irregular pulses)
-Heart rates (tachycardia and bradycardia)
-Respiration frequencies
-Risks of diabetes
2. Grasping psychosomatic conditions (mental and sleep health)
-Balance of autonomic nerves
-Checking degrees of stress
-Sleep analysis (checking sleep quality)
-With or without sleep apnea 
3. Grasping motional states
-Amount of activity (METs)
-Grasping walking balance (conditions such as swinging from side to side) and rollover or fall conditions
-Analyzing the actions of athletes (acceleration, speed, forms, etc.)


BIT&BITASチラシ_200403 A3版 ver.2.01.pdf

ウェブ・ヘルスドックチラシ_20200901 A3版 ver.2.02.pdf



熱中症について Ver.2.pdf

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