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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:08

Hi-B Corp

We support monozukuri craftsmanship with functional resin products.

We produce functional resin products.  We are capable of every form of resin processing, including those that use Thomson die and film processing. Our products are widely used for window sash, skylight, and plumbing-related purposes.  You can also trust us with processing of sponge rubber and polyurethane rubber, half cutting, and Thomson die blanking. 

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Contract manufacturing of various sealed products - e.g., heat insulation, airtightness, water tightness, and functional resin products
We produce sealing materials with a high level of water/air tightness, such as butyl rubber, and nonwoven fabrics for heat insulation/airtight seals in aluminum sashes, doors, and skylights, as well as caulking tapes.  Our products include HB tape that can be cut by hand, giving it significantly increased on-site workability, and strong double-sided tape that can adhere to rubber products, leather, and canvas, which was previously considered difficult. We are equipped with a diverse range of processing machines, and we can accommodate any request in terms of size, shape, number, or purpose.  We also accepts orders for secondary processing and outsourcing. 
HB tape
Foamed sealing material for waterproofing/dustproofing/vibration resistance of automobiles and houses. Its coil shape does not require the removal of paper, achieving workability improvements and waste reduction. 

It is an EPDM foamed adhesive tape that can be used as a sealing material in joints with many purposes, including construction and automobiles.  It is provided as a coil without a separator to improve the work efficiency and reduce waste.  It also can be cut by hand. 
Caulking/sealing product and their manufacturing technology
We mold and produce highly water/air tight sealing materials such as butyl rubber and nonwoven fabric 

for heat insulation/airtight seals for aluminum sash, doors and skylights. Moreover, we can flexibly accommodate our customers' requests in areas such as alternative sealing materials. 

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