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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:13

Noda Plastic Seikou Co., Ltd

Professional team for resin machining

We are a precision processed resin manufacturer whose strength is the precision machining of resin with 1/100 tolerance.  We are particularly adept at the machining of transparent materials such as acrylic.  With our unique processing technology that involves machining without buffing, we can achieve clear transparency.  We can also accommodate machining of aluminum, brass, copper, and light metals. 

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Acrylic transparent cutting
Generally, machining of transparent materials, such as acrylic, results in milky opaqueness that is similar to that found in ground glass. However, our unique processing methods can achieve clear transparency with machining only and without buffing.

[Product benefits]
If you want to monitor the flow inside your product (flow of liquid such as water and oil and rotation of blades), it is not possible unless it is transparent.  Our company’s technology will help you in such a situation. 

We received a request from a manufacturer of automotive parts for a device to observe the movement of oil that normally flows through metal parts. We produced a test device in transparent acrylic and used it to measure the flow rate.
Challenge undeveloped areas
Through labor and energy saving production equipment, and the production of precision parts for airplanes and IT, we are constantly rising to the challenge of working with new materials. 
Moreover, we can accommodate diverse needs, including the use of special resins, complex/advanced production, machining of single pieces and small lot production. 
Moreover, even if we receive an order for a piece that is difficult for us to process, we will take that up as a challenge and devise a new method for its production.
Quality management
We are constantly vigilant to prevent unsatisfactory products from being distributed through our manufacturing technology,
which is based on strict product control using our independent inspection system, and we also perform measurement with 3D measurement devices and preparation of inspection sheets in-house. 
We are working hard to achieve even better customer satisfaction and further improvement of our quality assurance system.

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