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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:21

M'S Corporation

We are a creative company specializing in development prototypes

We can handle cutting, stereolithography (3D printer), vacuum casting, and simple dies, and we offer prototypes using precision sheet metal. We will propose the most suitable prototype from all our manufacturing methods if you tell us what kind of prototype you want to make. 
We apply our company's technology to create the power of the customer's imagination. Customers are pleased with our challenge to use materials that are difficult to cut as well as general-purpose materials. This is how we have gained customer trust. We can also handle prototype production with magnesium, ADC, ZDC, and so on. 
[Delivery track record]
We manufacture prototype parts used around the engine in the automotive field. They are used for evaluation, or assembled into actual machines and used in races. Our products in the medical field are actually used as simulations during surgery. We have a diverse track record and our products are used by our customers. 
[Assumed uses, business types, and business types]
Customers evaluate whether articles can actually be used for automobile engine parts, undercarriage parts, medical samples, and so on, as well as whether they can be used safely, and the workability in using them.

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Sales Pitch

Four reasons why our company is selected
Technical capabilities
[Support for materials that are difficult to machine and difficult processing]
Our experienced craftsman have a wide range of knowledge. They make use of various tools to process materials that are usually difficult to cut (hard materials). 
We have a track record of processing materials including styrofoam, sponges, rubber, carbon, FRP, glass, magnesium, titanium, temper, sintered alloy, zinc die-cast (ZDC), aluminum die-cast (ADC), ferrite magnets, and resin with glass (carbon). 
We actively work to process materials that have not yet been processed. 
[Excellent craftsmanship]
There are many cases in which our company has been able to handle 3D shapes and complex shapes that were refused by other companies. 
We manufacture original jigs so we can process difficult-to-machine parts such as undercut parts that cannot be processed normally.
Proposal abilities
Our company's proposal abilities satisfy customer requests. 
We ascertain the purpose of a prototype, and make the following proposals. 
(1) Material proposal
- If the purpose is visualization with a transparent resin, we recommend vapor deposition rather than polishing depending on the degree. 
- If hard material or heat resistance is required, we propose a material containing glass. 
- If the weight of metal products is reduced, the material is changed to aluminum or magnesium to achieve weight reduction. 
- If you want to reduce vibration, we suggest magnesium or zinc (ZDC).
(2) Reduction of the price
- Change of material
We can reduce the cost of materials in products by changing to inexpensive materials. 
- Reduction of the processing time
If the processing requires deep gouging, we perform splitting and bonding or screwing instead of integral processing. 
We can also realize shortening of the processing time by increasing the processing radius based on the remaining tool diameter. 
Processing of the relief recess is omitted even it is not required at the time of the prototype.
Extensive stock of equipment
- Mastercam 2017: 19 units
- HyperMILL: 1 unit
- SolidWorks 2018: 4 units
We have a total of 15 CAD/CAM systems at all locations and a system that can respond to sudden requests. 
[Machining centers]
- FANUC α-T10C: 2 units
- FANUC α-T14iA: 1 unit
- FANUC α-T14iBL: 1 unit
- Okuma Howa MILLAC 415V: 1 unit
- Okuma MILLAC-44V: 7 units
- Okuma MILLAC-44V II: 6 units
- Okuma 5-axis control vertical machining center MU-5000V: 1 unit
- Brother SPEEDIO M140X2: 3
A wide variety of machining centers with different specifications are available. 
[Vacuum casting]
- SOSEY SOV-100: 1 unit
- SOSEY: 1 unit
- SOSEY: 1 unit
The SOV-100 series is compatible with all vacuum casting products, and supports various materials including urethane, epoxy, and silicon. 
[Stereolithography machine]
Prototype models are provided in a short delivery time by stereolithography, powder molding, and 3D printers. 
We suggest which method is best depending on the purpose of use. 
[Image and 3D measuring instruments]
- Mitsutoyo QS-L4020Z/AFB (image measuring machine): 1 unit
- Mitsutoyo QS-L1020Z/AF (image measuring machine): 1 unit
- Mitsutoyo QI-A4020D (image measuring machine): 1 unit
- Mitsutoyo Crysta-Plus M443 (3D measuring machine): 1 unit
- Mitsutoyo Crysta-Plus M776 (3D measuring machine): 2 units
We offer various measuring instruments to deliver high-quality products. 
The inspection department confirms the finish and delivers the products.
Quality management
[Quality policy]
We provide products that satisfy customer needs by understanding their production intentions and purpose of use. 
All our employees work together to improve quality and aim for zero-defect manufacturing. 
[Quality control documents, etc.]
We can prepare an inspection report, but if there is a report designated by a customer we use the specified report. 
We measure dimensions shown in the drawings as inspection items. 
Inspection during the machining process is performed by the person in charge of processing, but this inspection is performed by the inspection department after processing is completed. We then prepare the inspection report.

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