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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:58

SK-Electronics CO.,LTD.

We are a leading company in the photomask industry.

We manufacture and sell high-definition, large mold plates by applying the technology of a manufacturer specializing in large photomasks.

We also focus on the fields of RFID and healthcare by expanding the electronics technology we have developed.

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Photomask business
Flat panel displays are indispensable for digital products such as smartphones, TVs, tablets, and PCs. We were one of the first companies to commercialize large-size photomasks, which are used as the original plates for manufacturing flat panel displays, by dynamically transforming the precision photographic, electronic, chemical, and optical technologies we have cultivated for many years.

Since then, to meet the needs of the market for larger and more beautiful flat panel displays, we have been constantly working on technological innovation, anticipating the needs of the flat panel display industry, where technological development is advancing day by day, and have now gained a large share of the global market.

We are also taking on the challenge of R&D for photomasks that are compatible with high-precision, high-quality flat panel displays that continue to evolve and expand, such as polysilicon LCDs and organic EL displays.

We will continue to strongly support the flat panel industry from the present to the future by providing panel manufacturers with high quality, high-value-added photomasks.
RFID field
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of the automatic recognition technologies expected to be a tool for advanced information services. It is also known as an IC tag.

In addition to data carriers such as barcodes, two-dimensional codes, and magnetic cards, RFID, voice recognition, biometrics, and other automatic recognition technologies are being introduced at an accelerating pace as tools for improving business operations and security measures.

RFID technological progress and product development are remarkable. It is playing an important role in various fields such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, services, and transportation, as well as in business applications such as individual identification, traceability, and environmental friendliness.

Product Lineup
Ultra-small RFID system realizes traceability at the micrometer level.
RF tags are used in various fields such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, services, and transportation. Our RF tag technology plays an important role in fields ranging from individual identification of small items, traceability, and authenticity management to improving efficiency at the workplace.
Healthcare field
We aim to expand the electronics technology that we have cultivated and create a world full of health and smiles through the creation of products for all people who need support.

We will provide healthcare/medical equipment and services that harmonize with people, society, and nature, while flexibly incorporating the most advanced technologies from Japan and medically advanced countries overseas.

We will continue to create things that are more accessible and bring smiles to people's faces.

[Electric Stimulator WILMO]
WILMO is a wearable medical device for rehabilitation that makes it more familiar and with more smiles. Electrical Stimulator WILMO provides nerve stimulation and alleviates muscle atrophy.

[Balance Tutor Treadmill System]
This is a treadmill system equipped with advanced 4D perturbation technology and a unique rehabilitation system using game software to improve patient motivation.

[Digital Colposcope Q-CO]
A colposcope that has been completely redesigned from analog to digital.
Our Digital Colposcope Q-CO delivers smart and simple magnification observation to gynecology hospitals and clinics.

[ZellaMed stethoscopes and reflex hammers]
A brand loved by children. German artisans handcraft each piece to ensure reliable quality.
Unique stethoscopes and reflex hammers that combine function and design. These are products that you will love for a long time.

[Carbonhand for self-support]
Supports "nibbling" in daily life.
This unique device was developed in Sweden based on the latest ergonomics and robotics from the user's point of view to promote independence.
*SEM Glove has been reborn as Carbonhand.

[Functional seat cushion, dynamic directional pad]
This is a functional seat cushion developed by doctors and engineers in the Czech Republic. With continued use, you can free yourself from painful neck, shoulder, and back pain, and strengthen the trunk of your body.

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